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1. Thanks for the game, i really like it!

2. Imo you could improve it even more by:

a) making big sea fights more diverse (different tasks; different battlegrounds; different dangers - reefs and shallows, maybe even unknown ones you need to sound with a smaller vessel before daring to steer your bigger vessels through them; land batteries, maybe with heated shot and an increased risk of catching fire)

b) allow to change into the „take aim perspective“ while maintaining the slow speed of the gameplay (right now it changes automatically to normal speed if you want to take aim). That makes for an unwanted amount of extra „clicks“.

c) make all battles you‘ve played in the campaigns available in the „battle“ option of the main menu - unlock them by playing them successfully in the campaigns. Right now the concept of this „battle“ option eludes me: Why are there certain battles available - and why the actual ones, - while others might be even more of a fancy, but sadly not playable other than in campaign mode?

@all others: Please ad suggestions to make the game even better!

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4 hours ago, pandakraut said:

Most of the battles that are available to play outside of the campaign are there because they were battles used for testing during the alpha when no campaign was available. Would be neat to see more battles available though.

They could be like the following:

- Every successfully finished battle of the campaigns would appear in the battle section of the main menu

- from that time on they could be played anytime, even if the save files of the campaigns were deleted

- if you selected such a battle you could be given the opportunity to chose the level of difficulty ...

- depending on the chosen level of difficulty you‘d get more or less resources to build up and equip a squadron or fleet to accomplish the mission in question

- depending on the chosen level of difficulty your opponent would be stronger / cleverer

—> imo this would increase the incentive to (re-)play the game. If you wanted to build up your fleet over a longer series of events you’d chose to replay a campaign, but if you wanted to just jump in and play one of your favorite battles on another level of difficulty, you‘d be able to do that too.

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