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Game keeps locking up


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For the last three days, the game keeps locking up. Sometimes it occurs when clicking play in steam. But the more common problem is freezing up when leaving or entering a port or entering a battle. It just started and never used to have any problems. I have no idea on how to report it as the only solution is to  enter task manager and close the program. Help!

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11 hours ago, dc1962 said:

My test number:


Captain, port 8080 is blocked, please check your antivirus/firewall or router settings

13 hours ago, 3sixty2r said:

hello I have the problem that I get stuck in the loading screen after the server and player selection.
continues to load until inactivity someone has an idea?


Captain, please provide connection test report via Naval Action launcher in Steam (3rd option there), report number will be copied once the report was sent

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