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So far I have thoroughly enjoyed all the games in both the British and American campaigns, one  game Valcour island, for some strange reason I just cannot get into, can't put the finger on it as to why, funnily enough I had one game in the ultimate General Civil war which I was less enthusiastic than the others, (to be honest to find only one that not as enjoyable as the others is a bonus with some of today's games), this in no way detracts from a great game overall and I think you certainly get more than your monies worth with Ultimate Admiral than quite a lot of other games on the market. personally I would have maybe preferred that Valcour Island was a side mission (but again that is my choice) , which I suppose raises the real question/point I would like to raise is, if a choice was available, would anyone else have a preference to swapping any of the main missions and replacing them with some of the side missions. it all comes down to what you like I suppose, I have found some of the side missions more enjoyable. Another point I suppose that any feed back to the developers may assist with future extensions or full games. Discussion is always progress.

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I just finished valcour on normal mode with 3 cerberus class 5th rates equipped with gun with D in the name (don't recall it at this point). I must say it was pretty fun for me. Good guns allow to do damage to every enemy ship, but avoiding boarding and keeping wind advantage is fairly challenging. I sunk 9 ships in total and escaped after something like 12 hours of battle. Would like to see someone wipe out enemy as it would take me approx. 5 more hours to clear the sea.

I never skipped on the battle in UGCW nor now in UA:AS. I agree some missions in both games seem to me as annoyance rather than pleasure, but clearly every person will have different taste. As you can see above valcour was fun for me.

In terms of swapping - I will play every battle anyway as most fun for me is strategic aspect and skipping battles robs you from resources necessary to optimize from strategic point of view.

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Posted about Valcour Island on your tactics thread, but to add here following. Up to Valcour Island I had taken and bought a bunch of Porcupines, so I sold the ones Congress gave me and used my own. Had watched History Guy Gamings redo of this first, and so avoided the retreat pitfall. I kind of played for bit as he suggested, getting my little guys down near the end, but also fought in stages more to that point. Eventually concluded that my little guys had no value at all and worse sailing qualities, so just got them off. The dilution of crew to take any of the smaller British leading ships, just not worth it. My 3 ships with 12pdr Woolich/12pdr EIC Carronades combo, expert crews, and good officers, just tore the leading ships up - got 7 without loss. Several surrendered and I just let them be un-surrendered and then sank them. Picked my officers right, so got 5 out of 6 of them promoted. I did take about 30% crew casualties though with the close in nature of the fight. 


Actually liked this mission for a change of pace - usually I'm taking ships, this time I just focused on sinking ships. 

Half the fun of this game is learning how to use the wind for the particular ships you have and then maneuver a whole squadron of them accordingly - there's real art and beauty to this.

There are some subtle, but important differences in how the different classes respond to wind, especially I've found among the 5th rate frigates. 

I like the confined nature of this scenario also, the weird wind and maneuvering around the island near the exit area. 

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