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  1. I also had rather disappointing experiences with land battles. As long as I brought all possible slots to the land battle, I managed to annihilate enemy on both easy and normal difficulties with 20:1 kill ratio. Most of the times without even one reload. I have something like 600 hours in UGCW, so I assume it helps. Still without challenge land battles are just time sink with little reward in terms of fun. EDIT: As previous poster stated - I'm not trying to bash the game here. I hope it will be taken as constructive criticism and can be fixed with some balancing of the battles.
  2. I think you should aim to deploy as many ships as battle allows. It will help with training crew/officers and even ships with useless guns can board effectively or be used as bait. I am playing US campaign for second time and bought only one ship from admiralty on the first run. Capturing ships is only reliable way to get better ships as admiralty offers ships that are far behind what is deployed by enemy - e.g. I captured Leda class 5th rate as one of my first 5th rates - you can mount on it guns that can bring down SOL which not many 5th rates can do. Best class offered in admiralty for
  3. Agree that Cerberus is slow. After first run on easy I put less focus on speed and relied more on having good guns and experienced crew in current run on normal. Need to try woolrich in next playthrough. I always go for 25% speed for second perk. No idea how to get 3rd perk to be honest. I still cannot get it despite taking minimal losses on the crew most of the time (maybe 5% of all crew lost during battle). I have 25% recovery of lost crew and 25% faster training - still don't have even one 3 star crew. My approach throughout whole campaign was to move most experience crew to best ship
  4. SKG2 Quite surprised to read you prefer Porcupines over Cerberus. Porcupine has 2 more guns I guess but at the prize of ~50 men on board which I found on example of valcour very bad to defend from boarding. Also out of 30 guns some are on upper deck which can only mount very weak guns. Cerberus can take 28 Desaugliers which I think is best gun for this rate of ship. Haven't used Woolich gun at all. How does it perform in comparison to Desaugliers, Long Borgards and Congreves?
  5. I used grapeshot pretty much only when I was sure I want to capture and use the ship later on - it saves money on repair (especially for SOL). In terms of guns I found 9 PDR Desaguliers are very good early to mid game and getting rid of Armstrong guns should be prioritized. Then I used Congreve (all caliber), Long Borgards (all caliber), French rebored. All other guns seem to be unattractive in general either because of penetration or range. Cannot say I tested all guns, but it seems penetration is absolutely key and above mentioned guns not only have highest penetration it also falls sl
  6. I always found last 5-10 battles in UG:CW least interesting and frequently haven't finished campaign at all. Sadly, I can see it is the same for me in UA:AOS. I am somewhere around end of chapter 4 of US campaign for the second time and feel more excited to start again then to keep going and actually finish it. At this point I have 6 ships of the lines with best guns on 4 of them. I have 400k in cash and only area I lag is ship improvement which I could easily buy but would prefer to invest into level 3 that I haven't had enough rep to research yet. Next battle is sth like 10 SOL vs 9 SOL
  7. I just finished valcour on normal mode with 3 cerberus class 5th rates equipped with gun with D in the name (don't recall it at this point). I must say it was pretty fun for me. Good guns allow to do damage to every enemy ship, but avoiding boarding and keeping wind advantage is fairly challenging. I sunk 9 ships in total and escaped after something like 12 hours of battle. Would like to see someone wipe out enemy as it would take me approx. 5 more hours to clear the sea. I never skipped on the battle in UGCW nor now in UA:AS. I agree some missions in both games seem to me as annoyance ra
  8. Restarted the campaing on normal mode now. I can definitely state that AI is smarter and I found myself outmaneuvered couple of times and chasing enemy outside of my range while being shot at the turns. Haven't been thinking that with wind blowing at one side of your ship also exposes bottom of it but at the same time you are still beyond enemy range anyway so I guess it is still valid approach. I have captured SOL quite early and agree now that grapeshot is wrong approach. Surrounding as much possible and firing with 2-4 ships at once is the way to go - with that in mind I struggle
  9. Hi guys, I'm wondering what reliable ways of conducting naval battles have been uncovered so far. I've watched some youtube videos but couldn''t find content that would make sense - most of the people spin in circles (against the wind as well), bump into their own ships, fire at sails all the time taking more losses in one battle than should be taken in 3. After sinking 70 hours in US campaign I noticed couple of things: 1. Always stay on the side of wind that increases your range and decreases enemy range - if your and enemy ships are of similar rate you can fire more shots on
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