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  1. So far I have thoroughly enjoyed all the games in both the British and American campaigns, one game Valcour island, for some strange reason I just cannot get into, can't put the finger on it as to why, funnily enough I had one game in the ultimate General Civil war which I was less enthusiastic than the others, (to be honest to find only one that not as enjoyable as the others is a bonus with some of today's games), this in no way detracts from a great game overall and I think you certainly get more than your monies worth with Ultimate Admiral than quite a lot of other games on the market. pe
  2. Hello Gents, I m not sure if anyone else has come across a certain theme with this game, ok it may be my imagination but does anyone else get the impression that you have five or six ships battle really hard to beat and capture a larger ship, then when you capture the larger ship and after up gunning and improving the ship to the max, it turns out to be a paper tiger not nearly as effective as when you were up against it. I realise that the game has to be balanced, and there is a myriad of combinations and calculations involved in striking that balance, which the producers of this
  3. Thanks guys, I wasn't watching what was happening with the financial aspects of the game, too intent on the battles. I shall look at the financial management a bit more closer in future and yes it was nice to collect a very large but expensive fleet, back to the drawing board then, cheers
  4. Again a very comprehensive post providing more information on how to use the ships, including movement, gunnery, wind etc, thanks RAMJB, being new to this game, (I am more of civil war enthusiast) through your and others sharing your knowledge of the game, I seem to be finding it a bit easier and a lot more enjoyable, I shall read through you post again and try the next battle using your advice. you have increased the awareness of myself and others who are probably in the same boat (no pun intended) to some of the finer points in the game. thanks again.
  5. Hello Pandakraut, I had a look, it states Funding 9688 Fleet -12528 Trophies -410 Crew - 9339 Reserve -537 Captives 0 TOTAL -13126 The final figure at the top (beside the coins) is -21320. Are these maintenance costs, which is part of the game then. Cheers
  6. Thank you Malkor, for a most articulate tactics description and shall be put to good use I can assure you, funnily enough, I completed the missions which included HMS Rye and HMS Orphues yesterday as well and managed to capture both ships, the tactics I used were very similar to your description in the text above, I finally got there in the end and had a very enjoyable time in doing so. (thanks again to the team who put this game together). Thanks to all who have replied, I have used your input and information to allow myself to get a bit further in the game and having immense fun in the
  7. Hello gents, Does anyone understand as to why when we reach the "Rattlesnake" section we drop about $20000 to $30000 thousand, I take it this is not a bug then. why is there the need to drop funds.
  8. Thanks for the feedback gents, I shall take on board your advice and try it out, doublebuck has come up with game plan that would appear to be good tactics and will try out, I did try out the fireships before as a solution, unfortunately I do not want to go down the road of using fireships all the time (hopefully) to eliminate superior ships that is difficult to beat. much more fun to engage in a duel. Hopefully as the game progress`s they may reduce the power of these AI 3rd ships to allow more satisfying engagements, and making the battles a bit more closer. thanks again all for your advice.
  9. Hello Gentlemen I have come to agree with others that in the American Campaign we have what it appears to be a couple of Yamato battleships disguised as British ships, I name two who I have come across so far HMS Rye and HMS Orpheus, with both ships I took the manoeuvre of using three ships 30, 40 and 46 gunners, respectively to fire point blank and then sail away to another firing point and start the process again. six times I tried this with HMS Orpheus being the target and the most damage I have managed is very minor destruction to a sail. does anyone have a strategy to sink these drea
  10. Gentlemen, have just played your game for the last three and a half hours, and having an absolute ball, the best game I have played since your civil war epic, after all the work you gentlemen have put in and the circumstances involved, I hope you guys make a fortune on this, which will allow you to hopefully continue to producing more games of this calibre. thanks again for your efforts and talents they are very much appreciated. from a happy gamer, thanks again.
  11. Sir Texas Sir I have taken your comments on board sir, and thank you for clarifying the situation, much appreciated
  12. Leave the game for a couple of weeks and what happens, my fleet has gone, I had about nine/ten ships including favourites such as (HMS Salisbury, Le Palmier, Le Hector etc) I return to find they are gone. I am now struggling to obtain/capture/buy any, it is difficult to have any more than two warships and a troop ship. what happened where has all the ships gone. I was really enjoying the battles with the ships, now it is not as much fun. Are the ships coming back sir, the admiral is becoming concerned.
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