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Chat insult post not approved?


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Dear moderators,

it seems that my post about chat insult towards me from Mumblink Muttley dissipated before being approved.





I haven't received any message in regards to it, but I assume, that this means that it has been not approved and, as such, that You came to conclusion, that calling me, a Pole, while totally unprovoked, a "polish shit", is ok, and does not break any rules?

If it was a single occurrence, I would have not reported that, but that guy (formerly "Traveling Tutrle") has a history of being rude in Nation chat.

So, I can start calling other people russian shit, spanish shit, german shit etc,. and it will be ok? 



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Dear Captains,

All chat report tribunals are recieved and appropriative actions will be taken after weekly investigation of chat reports.

The reason chat report tribunals are not approved is that it should be reported via in-game report function, otherwise the Tribunal will be flooded by similar cases.

Please post in the tribunal only if you received real life threats/death wishes abuse - in that case immediate actions will be taken.

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