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Has any though been given to providing access to the models for 3D printing?  The ability to print all of the parts etc. for your HMS Perfection battle cruiser would be pretty cool. (Not to mention the miniature gaming cross overs!!) This came to mind when creating a set of 'ship tour' screen shots. I got a view point on the deck behind 4" secondaries and noticed the gun models actually were complete with breaches behind their amoured turret face. Awesome!

Looking fwd. from starb-aft 4in.png

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I wouldn't waiting a few more alphas for the models and the game itself to be fleshed out better, as time goes on they can add even more details, such as catapults, rails, chains, anchors, little groves and bumps, windows, radar and other things.

But i love to see some of my designs in game printed off.

lol could even start a boardgame with them. 'w'

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