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d’autres ont déjà été proposés comme celui de la Martinique et St-Lucie de 1766 et qui correspond à la zone capitale des français en jeu mais.... les devs ne semblent pas vouloir le prendre en compte...😕


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As I wrote you already many messages, compare to Russia or Sweden or even Danemark, France has very few flags. Russia even had a flag from 1917! So.. you know ahahaha. Why not ???? 


I encourage you to add new flags for France that you can simply add to the flag section without any question of paying 50 000 doublons for them ! 


In order : Napoleon naval standard, Louis XIV standard, LOUIS XIV flag, restauration flag, Martinique flag, commodore flag, white cross navy flag, Oriflamme de Saint Denis, an other all white restauration flag, loyalist (during the revolution) flags, Saint Malo Corsaire flag, and tow Dunkerque corsaire flag. The last flag is Étendard du Vivarais (my native region, that was flown by our duke fleet to go to the holy land during the 7th crusade, and after was flown on a ship to go to war against England in the americas to free the United States at the battle of Chasepeak, that saw the French navy won, and that permitted the French-Us army at Yorktown to win. To pretty cool historical flag! 


France is an historical nation of the Caribbean, this nation is still present there today with a lot of islands, and the French corsaire flown many flags on their ship. France deserves and it’s players, a lot more flag. As Russia was popular they got new flag, but now France has more ports that Russia does, and we need them. I paid a DLC to got flags and I thought well, they will add more. And I saw Russia got more and more flags. But don’t put the new flags to buy, like 50 000 doublons. I’m sorry I’m working and studying at the same time, I’m writing my phd in history, about the French naval fortresses in the XVII century, and I can’t play all day long you know ! Yesterday was the first time I could

Play for many months. This game is my fav game, you need to add new flags in the flag session please. It will not take you some much time to modélise them. I urge you to do it please... we deserve it. 
















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