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Griefing from [ASP] Sink me.

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Frenchies flipped Cano Araguabisi.

We (VP) went to screen for Frenchies. Unfortunately, we came too late, and Americans already managed to enter the PB by the time we reached the area (they entered the battle long before Frenchies did). At some point an American prince showed up. I was in Redoutable and I tagged him to prevent him from scouting and (hopefully) sink him.

In the battle, forts started shooting me, so I went away. He used his speed to take wind advantage on me and continued taging me from distance, dealing no damage at all, not willing to engage in direct fight. 

I even doped sails at some point but he kept hitting my masts from 400+ range just to keep me taged. Battle was closed by now. 

At some point he got closer to me. When I started dealing him damage, he sailed away, still taging my sails, having no chance to do any damage.

He kept doing that until his friends left the PB. Then, he "suddenly" stopped hitting my sails. All my friends left by that time as, have in mind, we were only there for screening and it was 04:00 AM local time and we found no-one other than that Prince, outside. I left battle as soon as I could and met a full fleet of his friends outside, who has just left the PB and were waiting for me. The whole battle (if You can call it like that), lasted for almost an hour.

So - was it a tactical advantage to keep me in battle for over an hour, until his friends leave the PB? maybe. Is it the way, we want this game to be played? I'd say - questionable.

Below is a recording of that "fight". I started recording when I got annoyed enough to call it griefing. I was tempted to leave it at 100% speed, so that You could feel the same way I did, but decided to spare You the pain and sped up the video 2x. But if there is someone liking the pain, I can share the video in original speed.

Does it qualify as griefing, or is it totally ok to act like that?

EDIT: One more thing that, I think is worth pointing out, is His message in battle chat "

I translate this to - "don't tag me , or I will be wasting Your time with pleasure".

And then, his "ultimatum", 45 minutes into the "battle":






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Thanks for the video. They really help. 

The person was annoying but he did try to fight + he was a defender (you attacked him). We will take note of his steamID for future cases. No punishments or warnings this time. 

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