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While sailing from Mortimer to Baracoa Arriving just infront of the port of Baracoa with my Indiaman, a player by the name of [Pinkg] Mralmost, a fellow pirate who was sitting infront of the port sailed passed me and tagged a British Wapen plus 2 fleet that was caught in the wind next to me, again directly in front of the port but not in docking range. Mralmost tagged the npc so that I started right next the the npc and mralmost started at the edge of the ring. Mralmost then waited passively till my trader was sunk and i had taken heavy damage before participating in the battle. When I asked in battle chat why? the reply received was "0.0". clearly I believe this to be exploiting and grieving. I request a suspension of the player in questions account at the least.




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