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Damage model makes stern chases impossible and is outright wrong


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Shells cannot destroy already red parts of the ship. 

Nor can they "pass" further into the ship even though they over-pen, eve that after the amount of hits suffered the ship would sink during first rain. 

Also you  can't hit the prop while firing at the stern?


This makes last 2 missions impossible without lucky explosions, as the enemy has brains and starts to run. Which sucks. 

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Further, plunging fire from range seems to receive the same ricochet chance as the vertical side armor.  A ship that is running will regularly have a ricochet chance of 90%.  This is true for the side armor, but if you are at sufficient range for plunging, that shouldn't matter.  Unfortunately, the game seems to apply that same ricochet chance to the horizontal deck armor, thus making it bounce city in any stern chase scenario.  

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This is a pretty big issue as in my experience ships are either way to survivable, or far more vulnerable than they should be. For example, a true all or nothing armor scheme is a death sentence, since structural damage to the bow and stern can and will destroy the entire ship... somehow. The fact that my armored citadel has narely a scratch should definitely prevent me from dying.

So yeah, allow overpenetrations to impact areas deeper in the ship, but likewise cap the amount of damage that a given part of the ship can suffer. It was pretty silly seeing a bunch of destroyers take out a 109KT BB with their deck guns despite an 18 inch main belt and 10 inch deck, simply by shredding the bow, stern, and superstructure. While that might prevent my ship from maneuvering, unless my captain is an idiot and not keeping everyone inside the armored citadel, the ship is still a bunch of fully operational main gun turrets that aren't about to sink unless torpedoes or much bigger guns are able to change that..

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