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Odd problem of 2 guns out of 3 firing when NOT ladder aiming


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I've noticed on my designs using triple main gun mounts that sometimes they get stuck with one turret firing only 2 guns even when the target is locked (so not ladder firing).

Specifically, this is on designs mounting 2x3 main gun turrets, one mounted in the bow and the other near the stern.

Interestingly, I've found this appears to be tied to WHEN the guns fire.

A. IF the guns fire as A FULL SALVO, BOTH turrets at once, then one of them fires 2 shells instead of 3. Thus 5 shots are fired.

B. IF the guns fired SLIGHTLY STAGGERED, so one turret within a second of the other, then BOTH turrets fire 3 shells.

I've seen my ship alternating between a simultaneous salvo of 5 shells and a staggered one of 6. It will potentially do a few of one then a few of the other. It's not clear to me why.

Might this be somehow related to changes you made to the Ladder Aiming system?

For example, is ONE of them firing only 2 as it's making small changes that keep the target qualified as locked, in which case linked to my or my target's manoeuvres over a certain threshold? If so, would be nice to have that signified.

Or is it a bug?

I've some related questions, too.

I note in the info presented about gunnery on screen when mousing over target we see the hit chances for a single gun but also any gun of 'n' salvo. I don't know if the gunnery model in fact treats these odds differently based on the number of shells fired IN any salvo. Here are my related questions:

1. Does the gunnery model mean that firing 5 shells in a salvo is treated any differently from 6?

2. Does the gunnery model treat turrets firing separately, even if a second or less apart, as two different calculations or as the one salvo?

To put the two together, we get:

3. Does the fact my guns are sometimes firing only 5 shells from 6 available barrels, or firing all 6 but slightly staggered, mean the hit calculations are different from if all 6 were being fired as a full salvo?

I have some screenshots but have fallen foul of the total file posting limits. Suppose I need to convert and compress them.

If it appears to be a problem and you'd like me to gather any specific info on this please let me know as I'd be happy to do so.



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45 minutes ago, Steeltrap said:

I have some screenshots but have fallen foul of the total file posting limits. Suppose I need to convert and compress them.

Greetings, please try to upload the screenshots on services like imgur.com and post the links here

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Hope these are of some use.

'Full' salvo with turrets firing simultaneously = 5 shells. Note that I have some manual rudder applied, hence my questions about whether it's something to do with changes to the ladder aiming system as I know making hard turns can through a target out of lock. I also saw last night that the target lock status was flicking for a fraction of a second to 'ladder aiming' but going back to locked yet both turrets fired.

As an aside, I've also found that if only ONE of your main turrets can fire it immediately puts the target out of lock even IF the initial lock was achieved by that single turret. Not sure why that should be the case, as it means if you're choosing to use only fore or aft turrets you get initial lock but then lose it and have to go through ladder aiming again.


'Staggered' salvo where turrets fire with slight separation = 6 shells. Don't believe I had any rudder applied, and that might not be the cause anyway as I can't say for certain the 5 shell simultaneous firing doesn't happen when rudder is neutral.


I have more that show how the ship was firing a few 5 shell salvos then shifting to the 6 shell staggered for a few then back to 5 shell simultaneous. I took a few screenshots so the ammo count changes are apparent, but these 2 images take up my available space. If you want to PM me somewhere I can mail I can do that if necessary.

As I said, I don't like those hosting sites due to their cookie and other policies and I don't have a 'general' email account just my personal ISP one.

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On 1/15/2020 at 5:31 AM, Ink said:

Admiral, thank you for the detailed feedback, information has been sent to the dev team

Thanks for the continuing, excellent interaction.

It's easy to take the time to submit such info when I have received a response every time in the past.

I assume as you've sent it on for closer attention it looks like a bug or an unintended consequence of tweaking the ladder aiming system, or both, or something else entirely.

While it's hardly a priority for your team, it would be great if at some point these posts could get some sort of resolution post that advised if what we think is a problem was indeed one, and if/how it was addressed.

In the case of this one, I also raised some specific questions about the gunnery system and how the hit chance showing "any 1 of n salvo" is affected by staggered firing, if indeed it is. It could equally be a case of "if you have 8 barrels available then that number (any 1 of 8, in this case) will be reflected in the observed results even when those guns are fired in staggered fashion". That's especially relevant for secondary guns, as I NEVER see those fire as a salvo yet they, too, have the "any 1 of n" chance listed.

Hope this has helped in some way.


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