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I was sailing a tbrig, not worth very much, and get intercepted by a hercules. I manage to avoid the tag by tagging an ai-fleet. The pirateplayer, Julien Blackbird (CAPT) then joins the battle on my side. Ok, no problem, i geuss he'll just wait for me to jump out and follow me outside again. But then as I'm getting away, Julien Blackbird decides to shoot my sails and makes me get caught by the ai-fleet.

I clicked his name in the chatreportthing.

Screenshots below:

sails still at 95% out range from the ai:  https://imgur.com/ao2MXjz

sails at 78% : https://imgur.com/n7f1rip

sails at 74% : https://imgur.com/GgS9vuD

sails at 71% : https://imgur.com/TvXiDry

Sails at 71%, chain visible : https://imgur.com/vsQpjMy

sails at 59% : https://imgur.com/tu7WfPK






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