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Hi, I was in battle with a Rattsivan, (myself and a Swedish player who i was sailing with who joined the battle near the end). This took ages because the Ratt ran for ages and only asked for 1v1 after I had spent ages catching him. Soon after a Brit Prince joined, player name 'Thomas Slade'. You can see from the screenshot below I sank the Rattsivan at 16:23. The Prince proceeded to tag me, staying just in range and upwind. I had badly damaged sails from the Ratt fight so had to wait for a rep and then sail downwind to lose him. He kept tagging for as long as he possibly could keeping me in the battle for a good 20 mins extra.


When I left the battle he immediately tagged me again keeping me in a battle for a further 15 mins and staying at distance for the entire fight.


When I left again he immediately tagged me a 3rd time. We had the following conversation:


I escaped the battle again. At no time in any of these battles did he approach my ship. He made it clear he was only there to delay me until his friends arrived. When i left this battle there was an ingermanland and an agga. They chased me for long while. The inger was faster than me downwind and the Prince was faster upwind. After a long chase the Prince tagged me for a 4th time. This time he did attempt to chain me down so the inger could catch. (NB: I had been out for couple of hours and had only 4 hull reps remaining). That's fair enough but he tried and failed. This took a further 45 mins. Even then he kept his distance at the end when the inger was way off and still kept me tagged in unnecessarily.  He kept way out of danger only being close enough to keep me tagged in:


During this battle we had a short short convo:


THroughout these battles he made it clear that he was deliberately wanting to waste time

When I left that battle there was another chase and the Prince tagged me for a 5th time

It went exactly the same as the last battle. There was no chance that he was going to slow me enough for the inger to catch but even when that was perfectly obvious and the inger was barely in sight he continued to tag. It was even more obvious this time, they were miles away and I didn't even have to rep, it wasn't even close. I went afk for 10 mins. After 45 mins they had my sails down to 98%! Eventually the inger gave up and left but the Prince STILL kept me in battle for another 20 mins or so! I eventually returned to Tumbado at 18:40. Over 2 hours later!!!

This is no good. This is 2 hours completely wasted and totally boring and frustrating game time for no other reason but to be vindictive.  I honestly not looking for punishment for this individual, he's just a 'scum sucking bum bailey'. But there needs to be some sort of message sent to make it clear what is acceptable and what is not. If this is not 'Griefing' then perhaps there is a problem in the current ROE.



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