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Greetings Gentlemen,
ive finished all twenty three missions lately.
So i want to tell you how the game could be a better one from my point of view.

Game improvements
1. changing Formation
At the moment, your four ships starts in line (Ahead, in order of 1,2,3,4). When you chose to change formation in abreast, ships position to 2,1,3,4 from left to right.
Better would be ships go from left to right in order they were in line. Means first ship (Ahhead) would be the one on the edge(Abreast).
This would allow better maneuvering.

at the moment                                          better solution                   
   /|\  /|\            /|\    /|\                             /|\    /|\    /|\    /|\
     |     |               |        |                                |       |        |       |
   (2) (1)           (3)    (4)                            (1)   (2)    (3)    (4)
     |     |               |        |                                |       |        |       |
     |__ |____        |        |                                |       |        |       |
           |       |       |        |                                |       |        |       |
         (1)---(2)---(3)---(4)-<-<-                     (1)---(2)---(3)---(4)-<-<-

2. Order of ships in Division
Puting an light cruiser behind a heavy cruiser in Division doesnt work. Every time I tried it, the light Cruiser was the first one.

3. Add spying shipdesign of other empires in campaign.
When I couldnt beat a mission in the first run. I collecting data about enemies ship and adjust armament, armor and speed of my own ship.
A possibilty to know the ship designs of other empires before I fight against them in a war would be great.
Of course no Agent spies for free.

4. Shipeditor in the menu
A shipeditor with all components. Just for building without restrictions.

5. Campaign report
At the end of a campaign a report would be nice. Maybe in form of a newspaper?

6. More accurate Secondaries
When I realised Mainbatteries are better for killing Torpedoboats than Secodaries, I never used them again.
Make secodaries more accurate. Then they could fulfill the task which they are was designed for.

At least I have to say, Im looking forward for further updates especially more parts for modern ships. (I want to build ships from the 1930ies.)

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i agree with everything you've just said mate.

it says secondaries dangerous at smaller ships (this is true) but in this game the secondaries are more than useless, all they are is exra weight you simply don't need. if i had the vocabulary to emphasise how useless they are id say it here, but im a thick Yorkshire man, so i cant XD


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Secondaries can work. 

My theory right now is that the AI gunners on your ship will prioritize the best working weapon available. In the run through below my 9” got knocked out, so only my x2 8s could work. And they stayed at 30%+ accuracy for the rest the mission  after that... given the 2 BCs I was running were bristling with x2 8’s, they were deadly to the point of OP (and at good tech, but not close to max). They sank a half dozen TRs, 2 BBS, a CR, and more in an approach, loop, and pass... taking no real damage other than front turrets. Pics below to prove it. 


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