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Leaving Battle?

Jack Spencer


In open ocean I was tagged by 3 hostile ships. I managed to finally escape after avoiding getting hit after a long run (Leave Battle). I thought I would be safe. But to my surprise, before I could reach full sail, they tagged me again. Is there something I should have done to avoid a retag? I thought the game sped you off in a safe direction to avoid appearing in sight of the enemy.

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The invisibility lasts for only about 30 seconds, this can be decreased if you are unfortunate enough to encounter lag upon entering open world.


In addition, there has been a reported issue that the first time you enter a battle or open world you will encounter a delay. I have not heard of this occurring more than once but it is not beyond the realm of possibility.

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I've been confused by this as well. I think it has something to do with enemy waters, but I'm not completely sure. Sometimes, I have the burst of speed, but sometimes I do not; I just haven't paid attention enough as to when and where I am when it happens. Make sure you are pressing W before Open World loads, so that your sails are full once it does load. Client / host sync can cause the burst of speed to not be present if you are lagging a bit.

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