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  1. Thanks. I couldn't find topic with search (probably didn't use right words. Good to know there is concern about this.
  2. I have never understood why combat experience points are required to earn Books for Trade Ships. I believe most trade ships are used for cargo/pass missions and are better off with speed and no guns. Why not allow trade ships to earn useful books (Ballast tuning, Carpenters, Marines, etc) by number of missions completed or XP gained by sailing?
  3. Thanks for the observations and comments. Guess I keep on sailing with a line in the water and an eye on the horizon.
  4. What happened to Sealed Bottles. I started sailing PvP right after the "Final Release." I have reached the rank of Master Commander. During that time I have sailed about 90% of my time in cargo/passenger missions in TLynx and TBrigs, fishing the entire journey. In all that time I have never received a sealed bottle. Am I just unlucky or is the game broken?
  5. In open ocean I was tagged by 3 hostile ships. I managed to finally escape after avoiding getting hit after a long run (Leave Battle). I thought I would be safe. But to my surprise, before I could reach full sail, they tagged me again. Is there something I should have done to avoid a retag? I thought the game sped you off in a safe direction to avoid appearing in sight of the enemy.
  6. Thanks for your replies!. Now that I have experienced the wisdom of the NA forum, I can continue with confidence that I can completely rely on the NA Forum to enhance to my gaming experience. Too bad there isn't a PvE forum so that I could ask simple questions without getting ganked!
  7. I lost my ship Diana in combat. Is there anyway to get another Diana?
  8. Thanks! Scrolling over the red stared "0" at the head of the tab indicates 314/318, so almost there.
  9. Thanks. I will try to find the level requirements for the new crafting levels.
  10. How does the current crafting system work? I started a new character and have crafted 6 TBrigs. My crafting level is still at 0 and I can only craft up to 6th rate ships. I have a level 2 shipyard and a rank of M-C. The crafting info for a TBrig indicates 49XP for each ship so I should have a total of 294XP. Why am I still at Craft Level 0 and what must I do to craft ships above 6th rate?
  11. In "convergence" of cannon fire, what do the terms "Parallel" and "Water" mean for shooting at a target?
  12. Me too!! About to board a trader. Will probably lose it-maybe along with my Snow.
  13. Members 841 1,425 posts Report post I would agree this is true of a experienced combat player. But 95% of my experience is sailing traders. I have often wandered why most recommend live oak/white oak with carronades for PvE combat. So the player can win? Why not sail a Surprise for example - fir/fir with 6lb medium cannons and no mods or upgrades against an AI Surprise. Or try going against a ship with a fleet of 2 or 3. You don't know what ships
  14. I don't understand the desire for PvP on the PvE server. You may be up against AI but you can vary your choice of enemy and choice of ship loadout to suit the difficulty from easy to hard. Wood type affects damage and speed. Cannon load out can vary from carro-med-longs. On a two decker, only equip or use one deck. You can choose 1vs1, 1vs2 and if you want to remember what it was like getting ganked choose 1vs5+. That's what I like about PVE. you can choose the battles you want and the difficulty you want when you want. In the meantime you can trade as much as you like over long distances free
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