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Patch 34 - German language feedback

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English: Skipper - manual

German: Skipper - Manuell

Current german translation meaning is "user guide/manual" while the german word "manuell" means what a person is doing on his own.



Better would be: Kampfbesegelung or Gefechtsbesegelung

Kampfsegel would mean a special sail that would only be rigged during a battle but not the combination how sails are rigged



Should be "Briefkasten" there is enough space for it



"Zeigen" should be "Zeige"


maybe more will follow

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English : Free for all

The current german translation means something like "gratuitous for everyone "

In my opinion a better german translation would "Geöffnet für alle" or "Für alle geöffnet"

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English: Assist

German: It is currently "Vorlage" which can be a template or in sport an action (you) that someone else of your team will help to score. But in my opinion "Vorlage" should be changed to "Assistiert" that context is easier to get even Naval engagements often were seen as sporting event.




"Schiff ändern" should be changed to "Schiff wechseln". In that context it will make way more sense. "Ändern" is more like you morph something into something else, while "wechseln" is more like you exchange something for something else.

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