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Patch and hotfix notes


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Patch is up:

Newly Added:

  • Social trading: players can now trade with one another through the social tab.
  • Warriors sent to attack an enemy camp will collect as much item as they can hold (maximum weight limit) once the camp vanishes before they return to their camp
  • Warriors will loot the vanished camps (all enemies already killed) when sent to attack
  • “Take all” button added to item containers, stunned enemies and dead bodies for faster looting
  • More stealth kill and interrogation animations have been added
  • Game saves on fast travel

Tweaks and Adjustments:

  • Trading fixed and reworked. It will work a bit different as it was before
  • Improved sight for friendly warriors
  • Improvements to some of the animations
  • Ragdoll improvements
  • Wood, gold, iron, lead production area icons update
  • Enemy patrol group icon updated
  • Lowered the fort gate opening sound volume


  • A camp icon moving around the map has been fixed AKA “walking camp”
  • ALT-click menu fixed
  • Arrows show by the NPCs cannot be picked up anymore
  • Moving groups such as patrols spawning on top of the player has been fixed
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Patch is up:

  • Added a function under the TAB inventory menu where you can search for items found in all your camps. You need to be close to one of your outposts/camps to take items from it
  • Getting killed during the loading screen has been fixed
  •  Few more animation improvements
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