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make close my own thread/topic possible

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Hello there,

lot of times i have the same issue: I want to inform myself about current diplomatic relations of a nation or about a certain clan, i open the certain post and a wall of rant comments appear:

example 1, example 2

Sometimes the creator of a topic is aware of it and keeps his first post up to date. An unwise creator give away the actual info as an answer.

To make info more accseable, let the creator of a topic be able to close his own topic.

if someone else want to discuss stuff and rant about it, they should open a new topic.

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Clubs were created with that in mind, so that creators could manage and moderate themselves.



My guess is that ... they are not as public as they should, hence trolls avoid it given very little visibility to their arts and science.


If you intend to close your own topic, just report it for closure, and moderation team will certainly help.

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