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You may be right.

I have just recently played Shiloh on Legendary and I think the difference is that you clicked on "Finish" while I did not. Once "Finish" shows up on the screen, if you don't click it the game ends in victory a few seconds later.

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Shiloh for Democrats

Unfortunately I can not see the video up there anymore, but as a new player to me it seems Shiloh is still broken...

The first time I pushed towards the landing very aggressively -- and very bad, to be frank with you, using classical double enveloping -- but I did secure it just before the timer ran out. I still had to fight the second day only to run out of ammo. Second time I did not even try that hard, because I thought Buell arriving to the rescue was hard scripted for some reason. Again I ran ooa. But then I saw someone beat Shiloh first day in Youtube, something that should have happened to me in the first place? Anyways, now I played it better and secured the landing early on by pushing to the middle in both maps; this secured kind of a "highway" up to the landing allowing my AntiFa march up there mostly uninterrupted. And again, I was forced to meet the Buell's Teaparty reinforcements next day. After reloading the save file, and simply repeating the feat like Sanders repeated Iowa in New Hampshire, I FINALLY won Shiloh first day!

I have no idea what triggers the glitch that forces you to fight the second day, and why it has not been fixed already? The game is so great, hardly any game simulates current political polarization in the US so well and let's you hand the Trump's ass back to his Union followers on a silver plate like this game does, but bugs such as this one ruins the game if one puts in a little bit more serious effort in harder difficulty.

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