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Graphical freezing

Peter J

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Have recently been experience a odd issue whereby the game freezes visually but I can still here the soundtrack, menu button being pressed units shooting etc. This seams to happen at random but usually occurs before I can get past the main menu or camp management screen. 

What odd is this is a recent development. When I first got the game some time ago I played several mission into the campaign without any issues. 

Have tried verifying the cache integrity and reinstalling the game but to no avail. Am at my wits end so any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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@Peter J


Apologies in advance if I sound like an egg sucking teacher but don’t know your knowledge depth so assume low and you correct me….

What Is your PC machine build? This is mine below…


Intel i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00 GHz

Kingston Hyper X 16.0 GB RAM

64bit OP Windows 10 Home

GPU GeForce GTX 980 Ti v384.76


To get this information is very easy. On the START bar right mouse click the WINDOWS symbol on the far left. About the fourth option down the menu it says [SYSTEM]. Left click it and this should show you all the information details of the machine.

You are a new player am guessing from profile? Do you play other MMO games on the same machine like ARMA3 or Far Cry ?




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@Norfolk nChance

Hi, I'm just new to this forum and UG civil war. I play a lot of stuff like Company of heroes and HOI4 on this machine without issue, UG Gettysburg worked fine as well.

The machine is just my laptop, Aspire E5-571

Intel i3-4030u CPU @ 1.9GHz


64bit Windows 10

Intel HD graphics 4400, 1792MB dynamic memory. 

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@Peter J

Hi I've pinned my [ELITE] guide to help with NA performance issues. Third chapter gives the recommended specs. Unfortunately the minimum threshold seems higher. My only suggestion is to dial down all the in game graphic settings. 

Sorry can't help more 



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Peter.  Do as Sterner said first, uninstall/Reinstall Card drivers....Your PC works with other game's. Norfolk has some good insight.

You probably know this anyway. Just a suggestion. Since windows 8 there is a program by Microsoft that's checks you Windows OS.This will use a snap from the clean build n goes thru with the check n rebuilds/fixes you OS only. I use it every time I am having issues with my PC,,,.. or just to check my OS health.. weekly. If I am having pc gaming issues I always start here. This way I know my OS isn't at fault.

If the driver's update/reinstall doesn't fix your woes...Norfolk's suggestions...Other games work, UG worked before..,,, UG is a bit demanding, but still?

First, run from the command prompt admin privileges (  sfc /scannow  )   >>This is you OS System File Checker. 1 Space between sfc.../                                  -----------------------------


--------Driver Verifier-- tracking down a misbehaving driver--                                                                                                                                                                   https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/wiki/windows_10-update/driver-verifier-tracking-down-a-mis-behaving/f5cb4faf-556b-4b6d-95b3-c48669e4c983

Peter Let us know when, n if you are successful...ok..n....GL....

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