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Post Wipe : Jeheils Guide on how to make Money

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To summarize (if you have reedemables):

- running trade routes for IA exotic goods (need at least 50-70k gold to get started, no additional costs once started (the profit you make is invested in new purchases of goods), higher profit per hour, actual risk of being ganked and suffer big money losses, very boring, needs some study of trade tool results and a bit of planning.

- farming in solo the lowest affordable fleet missions in a carronade fitted indefatigable (need a lot of gold to buy a full set of 42 pd carronades, implies cost of repairs and crew for each single mission, very advisable to have the carpenter perk, lower overall profit per hour, low risk of being ganked around if you stick to safe zones, more funny than trading, no need to study and plan ... just sail and shoot).

Everything different is actually or not rewarding enough or ... a trade secret :)



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