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Hello Generals,

We are glad to announce a new update which repairs multiplayer connectivity and addresses game balance issues that you have reported. Here is the brief but very important list of improvements.


This update is currently available only for the Steam version of Ultimate General: Gettysburg for Windows, Linux, Mac. It will soon be available to other services.

We hope you will enjoy this patch!

The Game-Labs Team

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actually i take that back, this patch is no way balanced what so ever for the confeds. i will never forget the last online match i had on your , i had racked up 7000 kills with pettigrew on the armys approach gettysburg map. Now i barley manage to get past 200 with over 50% casualties rate. confed charges no longer effective. not authentic at all. i havent won a single match before update i could never lose. every single match i lose all the soldiers while i make no where near the kills. u just wanted to make so the thumb sucking babys could play. mann im so angry. dont go saying that it us unfair because there was 1 or 2 players whom i could never beat at all but it was still fun to play, this used to be my favorite game, and u say u made seem more realistic by toning down the kill rates but tell me u expect to charge at men with cannons and only suffer low casualties? now i charge with 2000 man brigade hand to hand combat with union my men fire i only get 20 kills?!?!?! please change it back , and ur talking about more people like it, what people? i see same people online  

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Updated my GOG.com version a few days ago.

Ranged damage balancing works well. Playing as CSA, I took much less of a beating from Union, enabling me to successfully emulate real world tactics that I was unable to do before. The losses are still significant, especially from best USA brigades, but doesn't appear punitive to me anymore. Reduced ranged damage for CSA side make charges a more viable option than before, which seems to fit the overall vision of gameplay.

While there may still be little room for improvement, I would dare to say this is a definitive update to battle engine that makes for a well-balanced, historically accurate experience.

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I am happy I discovered this excellent game only now, 5 years after release. It is gem, now very well balanced and pollished. I have seen also the Civil War, but it is 3D. I have seen there a lot of improvements, but this game has it's own advantages. It is small, it runs smooth and fast on low-end hardware. 
I would appreciate more custom battles and also smaller battles where player can focus to few formations. It wouldn't be difficult to produce - the production team produced much more complicated battles. The distribution of additional custom battles would be also simple. I guess all data about battle are included in only one file. 
The maps consist enough of different terrain. The number of existing maps is adequate and usable for new custom battles. The advantage of this new multiplayer custom battles would be: it would be fun to play in Single player and also in multiplayer. 
I would appreciate at least ability to delete some units from existing custom levels just to make battles less crowded and easier to control without PAUSE. 


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