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Mouse stops, slows, gets sticky in game


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Have a new machine with modern processors that is nice and a new ergonomic (vertical) mouse that is necessary and it allows fast mouse movement most of the time, but in UGCW occasionally, and sometimes for an extended period, has the above sluggish behavior and seems to resist moving to parts of the screen, such as the right column in non-battle situations.  Plugged into a much older machine, the mouse seems to work fine in the game though the that processor means things run slowly to begin with. 

Any suggestions other than checking and updating drivers, company site, Win 10 troubleshooting (already done)?



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Both of those, though I might describe it as the cursor moving across the map or game screen and stalling or running out of gas (before reaching the right menu buttons, for example). The problem is intermittent and exists with different mice. 

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