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Infinite FPS makes my GPU overheat!


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Hi there.


Unfortunately my computer started to crash after the first batlle while I was in the Army trying create some units. M computer rebooted. Tried again, It rebooted after a few minutes again.


So I started MSI Afterburner. And there it comes : in the game, even when you seem not to be using your GPU much, your FPS is going at around 800 FPS!!!! So my GPU temperature steadily rose to over 100 degree. Hence the computer rebooted each time.


Is there a way to force FPS at 60 FPS please ? I can't play the game overwise.


I play games like Naval Action in Ultra and I never get these temperatures.


Thx in advance!













Edit :


I found a work around thx to MSI Afterburner using RivaTunerStatisticsServer


I forced FPS to 60 and my GPU is quite cold... Constan 30 degree. Hurra!


But I do hope the devs can find a solution.



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37 minutes ago, akd said:

Yup, card literally screaming at 1000+ FPS.  Can't force vsync on through control panel.  Not going to use 3rd party tinkering.

In this case, better hope the devs do something about it. I cannot play campaign without MSI Afterburner in the curren state of things.

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