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Grog Rations ?


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Yeah buddy, they give you a good advantage when boarding an enemy ship.


Attack Bonus will mean you kill more enemy crew when you use the attack ability.

Moral bonus will give you more moral which tbh I'm not sure what it actually does but if you have more moral than enemy I think you get less shock and more kills per round.

Accuracy Penalty - Not so sure here but I would think with each offensive ability you'll get more kills with grog rations than without.


 Marines, boarding parties, grog rations, muskets and pistols & swordfencing is what I go for with a boarding build.

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Yarr long beard yeee be confused :P Grog rations are for bording as yee have explained. Rum rations are for shooting yarrrr. 

Rum rations reduce cannon reload time by X
But increase cannon dispersion by X (dispersion is basicly how accurate the round is over a distance, in other words how far the ball will stray from where you aimed over distance.)

Yar ive just realised OP be confused not yeee long beard my apologies. OH well theres the break down of rum rations anyway :)

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