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  1. Randall I was neither angry nor upset but if you take my kindess - yes i used words like please- and take it for a weakness and try to drown me in a see of words im going to Show you your flawed logic. For example you just defended yourself with the same logic i used i dont think theres room for discussion when you try to tell other people what they SHOULD think even when you did it in a more diplomatic way in the end its the same. We all have to respect each others opinions dont we? Actually i thought youre an intelligent person but your last post was alot to read but said Lit
  2. randall youre entitled to your opinion. But you talk about hardcore Players do not complain etc. Thing is a good game does not only apply to hardcore Gamers but to all. The General Feedback for this game is great and i like it very much because of what it is. I feel like you make it look like your opinion is the only truth. Also id like to add that you should stpp that ' youre a customer bla bla bla'. We all know we are customers but please dont try to represent People represent yourself im totally fine with that. If youre presenting yourself people can agree with y
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