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  1. Oh, thorisgodpoo, you are an eager bunny, aren't you! If they get the system tuned and re-organized the way some of us want, they can produce re-creations of every battle of significance in the ACW. You raise an interesting question to which I have insufficient knowledge to respond. On the one hand, most soldiers, since time immemorial, have had strong survival tendencies to engage the closest threat at the moment. Thus, it is possible that infantry on one end of a battle line could engage different threats than those at the opposite end. But from a C&C perspective, how many separate targe
  2. Actually, that is very good news. I heard comments and rumors to the effect that, given the incompressibility of solids and liquids, all of the "room" in the engine had been devoted to making a super sophisticated AI and compromises were made that removed the modularity of UGG scenario packages and induced other unanticipated distortions. I think as long as the hardcore customers are assured that, in time, a development path that includes the kind of historical accuracy that hardcore gamers expect and realistic scenarios that allow us to "do" the whole battle, they will wait for a considerable
  3. People have niggling complaints and the development boys seem to be able to patch many of them. The problem is a lack of a campaign game and the fact that there is poor scenario-to-scenario articulation. You need to play more for that to become obvious. Solutions are problematic since the scenarios have been deeply entwined in the game engine. I think we will have to live with that in UGG and look for the next major iteration of the game engine, which has some amazing AI capabilities that are still being perfected, in the next major release. Lots of potential there. I will be curious as to you
  4. I confess, I had a bit of trouble understanding everything you said. Obviously, I did not understand everything you were saying. But, if I interpret you correctly, you are fine with the idea of people being free to express their ideas and if I say it, you are totally free to respond with what I have said whether you agree with me or not. I am very comfortable with that. I think it is imbalanced to act like I understand only part of your message and then ignore the rest of a reasoned argument. I try not to do that. I tend to respond to the things that strike a chord with me on first reading. I
  5. I have received a Steam CD key to access the Beta test version with a quick note of instructions. Being old and slow, I really do not know how to use the Steam CD key to get to the Beta test version. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you!
  6. No, I don't think so. A forum is a free exchange of ideas. When arguments and posts are made that attempt to distort or inhibit or suppress the free of expression of unpopular ideas, that IMMEDIATELY becomes the top topic of concern, because if that issue is not resolved, what on-topic posts that follows have been pre-censored, intimidated, or scared into silence. Free exchange of good ideas grounds to a halt. That is boring and bad. Currently, the tangential issue be discussed is the need to understand FORUM ground rules in the context of American ideals of Freedom of Expression. Once tha
  7. Thing is a good game does not only apply to hardcore Gamers but to all. The General Feedback for this game is great and i like it very much because of what it is. I feel like you make it look like your opinion is the only truth. Also id like to add that you should stpp that ' youre a customer bla bla bla'. We all know we are customers but please dont try to represent People represent yourself im totally fine with that. If youre presenting yourself people can agree with you or disagree with you but you shouldnt say to people but you are a customer why this that etc. We are all
  8. It might be hard to believe, but some of the most frequent critics actually like what is going on in the game very much. Probably because of its promise, I get fired up about its shortcomings. They are patching like crazy, so make sure you are updated. They give no indication, but I desperately hope that they come through with a comprehensive fix to the scenario situation before it is too late. Stay tuned: Film at 11!
  9. Sorry, I just got the game six weeks ago. Tried to look at all of the forum topics that were relevant to my concerns, but I must have missed a few. My apologies.
  10. You are entitled to your opinions. But if you are delusional enough to think that anything that David and I write on OUR forum (not theirs--we gamers provide 96% of the content and generate free publicity and "buzz" for their product; the cheapest form of advertising on the planet) really is going to affect their publication and release schedule, you are incredibly naive. And we are under not one whit of obligation to avoid insulting them or hurting their tender egos. Frankly, I was insulted by the activity in their postings and the way they avoid honest responses to sincere concerns from thei
  11. Now personal attacks on Players/Posters when, and if they say things that just doesn't agree with yours. There's a big difference with showing respect, and brown nosing, where mine is the former. Seems like you have agenda since you showed up here. Find problems with and not limited to (Game / Game Play / Developers, and their decisions going forward. / People that like n enjoy the game(regardless of its short comings.) Verbal hissing / insulting me(trying to make me look like a 0.10 cent fool) because I enjoy this game n have respect for the Developers. We? who is this we? Search P
  12. Mr. Watkins, you are the paying customer, for pity sake. You act like the publishers are doing you the favor of taking your money and your duty is to say only nice things and give them even more money next time. It doesn't work that way. Customers have paid their money for a stake in this debate. They have an investment to protect. BTW, we are organizing a search party to help you find your backbone. We start searching a the break of dawn. Do not lose hope!
  13. This is an extremely disturbing post from a group of people who rely on the goodwill of their customers for their success. David Fair was speaking out of intellectual and emotional frustration, not disrespect. Apparently, you have been trying the patience of your most erudite and knowledgeable customers for some time. Banning David Fair is not wise or productive. You are banning one of your customers. Remember them? They are the folks who buy your products, shower you with money, give you valuable feedback and information to improve your products, and expect to be spoken to respectfully, openl
  14. I remain somewhat surprised that the fact that scenarios are based on "Victory Points" of various THOUSANDS of points for physical occupation of terrain objectives doesn't bother more players. This is a major concern on two counts: First, these "victory points" are purely backward-looking assessments based on what was critical in the historical campaign. Little Round Top is assigned a four-place point value based on the fact that in the real campaign, it anchored the Union left flank. Had the flank rested on Big Round Top, instead, the points would have been viewed by designers quite different
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