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  1. Need just two more reviews to get a Metacritic critic's rating. If you know anyone who is a recognized "critic," encourage them to engage the game.
  2. How do you really represent the skirmishers function in ACW games?

  3. Hey Bill Duncan! Thank you for the compliment about the old Avalon Hill games. Those were very special times. I still feel like we did a lot of really subtle things in the manual wargames that computer game designers have not quite learned yet. It is like they are terribly preoccupied with the code. The game is the thing. I think you have to get into the mind set that you are a higher unit commander and, in the fog of war, things don't always turn out as we so order. The fact that batteries don't follow a single command ad infinitum is due to the fact that (a) they are receiving counte
  4. Hello, Mr. Blunt: My name is Randall C. Reed. For a large chunk of my life, I was a professional game designer for the Avalon Hill Game Company and, later, for the US Marine Corps. While I have never designed a computer/online games, I know a little bit about simulating military tactics and strategy, but I found your observations very interesting. I think your Tutorial is informative for those interested in winning the game, with a lot of good, detailed, tips for novice games. I do, however, have some concerns about your commentary on game mechanics, which was very illuminating: 1.
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