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  1. Playing Banished. It's a very good game and the city building genre has been quite dry. While not as feature rich as other games, Banished makes a fine game on its own with a strong core game and fairly addictive gameplay. Played Path of Exile. I was a great fan of Titan Quest, so Path of Exile was the logical extension. Path of Exile is difficult to get into, due to lag and difficult-to-manage interface and the overwhelming passive tree. Once in, it's quite a fun ARPG and makes use of the classic ARPG elements while also bringing a fresh multiplayer element.
  2. Steam is a platform that distributes games and digital goods digitally. Generally, this includes video games, DLC and some programs. When purchasing on Steam, you generally purchase an item with one of several methods of payment. Once purchased, the item can be downloaded to your computer and played. Once you have purchased an item, you may download it to different machines as long as you log in on a machine. Games on Steam generally require verification every 30 days, so you can play for 30 days without an internet connection in Offline mode. Steam is also popular for sales on games i
  3. Picked up FarCry 3 recently. Very good game and the stealth gameplay is quite well down. I never completed FarCry 2 due to how irritating the driving was and the lack of effective stealth gameplay. And now, Civilization V is devouring my soul.
  4. I'm too young to have played Wing Commander and Privateer. Wing Commander II was released before I was born. I touched on Freelancer briefly and loved the idea, but by the time I played it last year, it was far too dated for me to enjoy. I fell in love with the concept, not the game. I got my spaceship fix from EVE Online for the last 2 or 3 years, though. Having seen what Star Citizen is growing to be, I'm thinking that it'll turn out to be very, very good. Maybe not perfect, but definitely worth looking at.
  5. Okay, okay, okay. Star Citizen. There's not much to play yet, but it has tremendous potential and I trust the developers to deliver on their major promises. I also expect many people to be disappointed in Star Citizen's developers because they expected Game of the Century Mega Awesome Perfect Game. My expectations for it as set at Very Good Space Sim. Path of Exile I was a long time Titan Quest fan. Tried Path of Exile. Too grim and dark for me. Also very, very difficult. But if you're looking for a top-down hack'n'slash with a lot of potential for tweaking your character, Path of Exi
  6. Building a screenshot package means sending a variety of pictures that show a number of different aspects to the audience. By showing a bit of everything, people are more likely to find something they're interested in and dig for further information. Showing them too much of a single character/feature/effect may bore players or lead to players not finding something they're interested in. Like High Detail Image - victory4.jpg - Selected because it's a crisp, clear, high-definition closeup of a ship showing the fidelity and detail of the ship. Nice for showing off graphics. Comb
  7. I feel like Rome II came out with far too little testing and far too much misplaced budget. It's a good game now, but it's nowhere near good enough for a lot of players playing it. Bugs, hideous optimisation and performance issues, damaged AI. It wasn't released in a very good state. I feel like after a year, it'll be a great game. I'm just glad the developers are working hard to fix bugs and make up for the release.
  8. I've played Mount and Blade and Mount and Blade: Warband to death, especially with mods. They're games that have a lot of flaws, but the flaws are overshadowed by good gameplay. I've never touched War of the Roses - I wound up with Chivalry: Medieval Warfare because War of the Roses leaned toward realism, but Chivalry is more about comical violence and I like comical violence.
  9. This section of the forum needs some life. Recently, I've been playing World of Tanks. It's a rather unique game in most ways and is tremendously fun when you want to see treaded things explode violently. I've discovered that the KV-2 tank of the Russians is something like a house which fires explosive death. I discovered this because I was the one exploding. Now that I have my own KV-2, I plan on turning the tables. I've also played Bioshock Infinite and Company of Heroes 2 recently. Bioshock Infinite was a magnificent piece of storytelling and writing that I urge everyone to
  10. Player avatars are not planned at this early stage of development. Supporting many alternate characters can compicate games, however, certain games have environments that greatly support having multiple characters working together, such as EVE Online, whereas other games like World of Tanks generally have less reason to start a second character. Whether multiple characters or accounts will be a significant part of the game depends entirely on whether the player avatar is a distinct individual character limited to certain groups or ships, or whether the player account is simply used to log
  11. Giving players the option to decide on the number and positioning of their weaponry is certainly being looked at.
  12. Fully modelled interiors and exteriors of ships detailed enough to allow third/first-person exploration can lead to a significant increase in the amount of development time and effort required to create aesthetic pleasure. For a game like Silent Hunter, where the game is centred on a single vessel, this isn't a difficult proposition, but modelling dozens of interiors for dozens of ships will most likely be very costly and time-consuming. I can't recall if modelling full interiors has been discussed or not, but I'd venture a guess and say that it's very, very difficult and beyond the scope
  13. Posting images into your replies can be accomplished through the reply tool in a number of short steps. At this stage, if you wish to insert an image into your reply, the image must have been uploaded to the internet and have a URL. This guide will cover the use of the imgur.com image host. Alternatives such as photobucket or imageshack may also be used. The reason I have chosen imgur is because there is no need to register an account to upload images to this host. This removes a number of steps such as registration, logging in etc. from the process and simplifies it. Step 1: Go to htt
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