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  1. Well I have to say that since the last patch I am now able to use the rudder properly for the first time. I did delete Vjoy, unplug my pedals and TM Warthog HOTAS and reinstall the game, but I'm more than happy - certainly was not going to delete my drivers for the JS etc. Cheers
  2. Many thanks G-L - rudder is now fixed!! All I need to now do is to learn how to sail... Cheers
  3. I've already had three bot generated emails suggesting that I contact the offender.Each time I reply: Please refer to the original email - you are the concern. Me thinks I'm just bashing my head against a brick wall. Customer Service? Yeah, right. Cheers
  4. Holy cow Batman! Aracno - I doff me cap to ya Guvnor. If you're a beginner...... Cheers
  5. Looking forward to seeing if the rudder fix assists when I get home from work. Somewhat excited! Cheers
  6. I'm still having the issue of not being able to centre the rudder due - to I assume - the JS, etc drivers I have. Just wondering if the Devs have some type of time frame when a fix may be scheduled? I know there was an attempt to do this on the 9th but caused other issues. Cheers
  7. Many thanks - and a great ambassador for the game! Cheers
  8. This thread needs to be locked. It is not achieving anything and it appears that the two main protagonists will not see the others point of view. Before long we will have people taking sides and making things far worse. As has been said before, a lot of the posts are not on topic. Cheers
  9. Why thank you ampaholic for clarifying in part the concerns I have.
  10. I have to thank all that have replied to this thread. It is a great Community and hopefully one that will continue. Cheers
  11. Just as a matter of interest, why can you 'Like' your own Post? No biggie, but something that strikes me as odd - and open to abuse. Cheers Just playing with ya! -------------->
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