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  1. There are strict maximums on TW army sizes but it doesn't result in interesting tactical battles or help the strategic game. It's not a thing that needs to mix.
  2. Honestly, I don't believe a strategic map should be added- tactical games should be tactical games, strategic games should be strategic games, the mix tends to water down the design- the strategy layer can't have combat really tuned to integrate other elements of the game, and the tactical game has far less interesting battles as the goal of a strategic layer is to create completely unequal tactical situations. I do hope to see the campaign able to incorporate random maps and more randomized scenarios rather than a series of battles that are the same every time. The exact period of the g
  3. The idea that a computer game where you command men on a screen from a vantage point better than anything we can do today is something that could be called "realistic" is flatly ridiculous. There are complaints that this game does not allow enough flexibility for maneuver, but you have to draw a line somewhere in any design. Why can't I fall back on Pipe Creek as Meade? Why can't I just ignore Lee and march to Richmond in the knowledge that Lee will have to come down soon enough anyway? Oh, wait, maybe you should think things through? Grognards want every game to be about everything, bloa
  4. Seems like Reed here wants an entirely different game. Honestly, having the entirety of Gettysburg with every unit involved at your command would probably be a total mess. There was a scenario like that in Sid Meier's Gettysburg! but it was a mess to try to keep track of all those regiments. There's a limited amount of attention and time available to a game that purports to be good in MP, and good in chunks smaller than whole evenings. Also, LOL at the idea that wargames from the 70s and 60s have much to offer. I've seen a lot of them, and they're total dreck. Even the 80s is full
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