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  1. I've thought of that idea as well and think it would be really neat. Choosing a more localized portion of the overall Gettysburg battlefield and the placing of your men and guns. I don't know about the whole buying of units and the like. I'd simply make fully available the units that were historically relevant to that day and particular portion of the field you chose.
  2. Yeah, it's never actually been explained to me why when a unit has been routed, it behaves in the manner it does. We're all too familiar with a unit turning ghost white, often blinking, and then my favorite, "Hey, let's walk into the ranks of enemy muskets for more punishment!" Yeah, that's a GRRRREAT idea and is like totes realistic and junk! I can save everyone the trouble of searching historic examples of brigades getting utterly obliterated with muske fire and cannon shot and then proceed to aimlessly drift in a sort of stupor into the ranks of enemy units taking on further volleys and
  3. Regarding the considered option of enabling brigades to entrench themselves and the limited areas of the battlefield where such defensive measures were taken I think that the map should reflect the series of breastworks constructed under direction of BG Green all through the night of July 1st into the early AM hours of July 2nd for all custom made games available in Single & Multiplayer game scenarios. It would be a neat if Cemetery Hill could feature the lunettes dug to insulate portions of the artillery crammed onto that hill. Obviously the defense factor of stationing a unit there wou
  4. I appreciate both arguments, but I'm slightly more a YES on unlocking all custom battles. Speaking of custom battles, regarding those that are made available for the multiplayer feature, will there be anymore forthcoming? I find the selection sort of wanting as compared to single player. Just curious. Robby
  5. If I had to pick just one from the long list (all of which I would like to eventually see incorporated into this game) it would be surrendering units. That's a big one in my book or somehow a unit's complete annihilation and inability to pose a threat for the rest of the day should be addressed. It's become normal for me to have two or so infantry brigades assigned the task of continuous attack on an enemy unit that somehow has been left behind or managed to wander itself too far from its buddies. I can't just leave it there allowing it the possibility of waltzing itself from one hard won v
  6. First off, awesome job on this game! It's been so much fun. Truly a gift to all the Civil War enthusiasts out there. Quickly I wanted to offer a few Expansion Pack ideas that might be considered going forward. 1.) The Battle of Pipe Creek- Basically the Union forward elements sent into Gettysburg on July 1st fail to capture strategic high ground from which to base their line against the Confederates. Even before the first minie ball was fired at Gettysburg Meade had been planning on concentrating his army along a long row of hills some 20 miles long just to the south of Big Pipe
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