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  1. I tell you way leave player the game. 1.Meny more player have no 10++auer to siting here,farming money as idiot and than lose everything in two minits. 2.Port Battle:Fight hard the week to take ports,and after we can defend it day after day,we lose it ,and again ,and again........ Port battle start up (in my time zone) 20:00 (+ -2h) than ending at midnight.And we must wait,and wait and battle, after ganking and all so,and again...and again..... Middle in the week one worker ppl its to late for day by day. Ad again the time:sit here 4 h for one fight,and we lose the port or not!?Comming enough clan or alliance member or not!?.......... Finally: Can make sacrifice for the game,one week,one month maybe half year,but my life is not Naval action ,i m not CyberBoy ,i will go out into the sunshine
  2. This Not a PvP to ganking single ship (do Mission) vs 2x ,3x BR + Npc Ship this is Camping (traP) Frustrated after two or more time. Must Need one 100% protected area ,wo can make money if the player lose everything . If the player make missions at open water (no Protection),this is a player protected area or nothing,make higher reward for more risk and better upgrades as reward! If you make some mehanism than have chanse the little clans or one player a little protection vs big clans and campers,and maybe we have more player back to the game!
  3. Will join one PvP Clan after Wipe. Invite Me Vertigo No only Burning Pot vs Brits.Special ability Rank Curse Need L.Ocean or Santi! Verti
  4. I do no where it could be to arrived Kut and the other old seebears The Ts Server working some players play someting. Kerah was online and Equanox too ,few days before. After wipe maybe comming some olayers back. If i have time,i try stay online, :S Verti
  5. Tomorow its Wipe again, lets see wath hapen. Try to recontact to the veterans. Verti
  6. Message T Koto. At one time the most largest Pirat Clan. The wind is Changing,the water is DeepBlue.Time to Return! Vertigo
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