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  1. Yeah, that's quite misleading. I forgot to add supply to III Corps, so another unit was possibly picked as eleventh. CSA Gaines's Mill is also very unclear how many and especially which units still arrive when. At least my III Corps as flank-right with twelve units was complete in the end. If someone has 15 units in a corps here, 2-3 would have been left out then? 13/12 = 25? Edit#123: good that I still have at least a day time to edit my posts hundred times in this forum thanks to the ongoing, annoying moderator-approval. What I like to have customizable is the real-game time c
  2. CSA, Malvern Hill 3 corps with org 5. III Corps came as reinforcement at last, placed in 1st reinf-slot = 15/20 During the battle, I received all units of division 1 & 2, but only the last unit of five from div 3 (all artillery). I moved div 1 & 2 units quickly down, so shouldn't be an issue of no space to deploy there. Can this be fixed? Btw, it can actually happen that units get lost on the map edges. I've noticed in this battle in the 1st phase in the lower-left corner. Either a cavalry unit was gone for good when ordering it too close to the edge or corner,
  3. Thanks for all the answers. I think I'll stick with your UAC-mod that has already worked perfectly fine for me. I don't need any extra challenge with my simple BG-diff playing anyway.
  4. Started a Confed campaign using v1.27.4.3 GOG. In the first battle, two/all detached skirmishers (auto-)retreated out of the map after reloading a save during the first phase without any chance to interfere. I had only saves with detached skirmishers before, so I had to say good-bye to them, no matter how often I reloaded. Later saves during phase 2 luckily didn't behave that way. Any idea what could have caused that? What else I've noticed throughout the battle is that the AI was very passive. Brigades often stood still and let themselves get shot for minutes at max range without re
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