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  1. If this was truly the case I would not be surprised but disappointed... would love to actually design the submarines and use them like ships in the battle space. Although this would require entirely new game mechanics which the devs are for sure to take ages to release, what ever they come up with will be alright I guess but this leaves games like War on the Sea in a superior position for game mechanics.
  2. USS UNITED STATES Construction Instructions: Tech Year 1940, Super Battleship Hull Modules: 109k Tons, 26 Knots, Very Long Range, Maximum Bulkheads, Oil 3, Diesel 2, Aux 4, Shaft 3, Krupp 4, Barbette 4, Anti Torp 4, Triple Hull, Reinforced Bulkhead 1, Anti-Flood 3, Citadel 5/All or Nothing, Super Heavy Shells, Increased Ammo, High TNT, Adv Hydraulic, Auto Loading, Rng-C 5, Sonar 3, No Radio, Gen 2 Radar. Superstructure: Modern Tower 2, The US rear Superstructure from the latest update and the largest funnel you can place. Armor Scheme: Belt 18", Deck 10.5", Conning Tower 22",
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