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  1. Frankly I'm surprised they left them in at all past April.
  2. Mouse control is just right-clicking into open water. As long as you don't end up clicking on any other ships by accident, your ship will lay in a course toward where you clicked. The closer to your ship and the further toward your aft you click, the tighter the turn will be, though never as tight as with manual rudder control. In the previous verison I sometimes had clicks not register on highter game-speed settings (x5 and faster), though that seems to have been fixed with the current version. Back then I used to hammer the right-click multiple times - or reduce game-speed for manouvers.
  3. Oh you can sure learn a lot from an extrensive manual... but only if you are willing to read it. The problem is that even with the comparetively few pages that are currently in the game right now, people do not read that and instead come ask in the forum (or complain). If a couple of paragraphs are already too much reading for some people, do you think they'll be willing to read dozens or hundreds of pages? Don't get me wrong, I would appreciate a nice manual like you, but I am pragmatic enough to realize that we are in the minority here and that a manual alone will not solve the issue. A tutorial is most likely the better choice. Though if we could get both a manual and ingame tutorials that would be best.
  4. It would be nice if the mouse-over stats showed the weigh per knot rather than the weight per horse power. Right now the text reads as if Diesel are lighter than Turbine for the same speed, when the opposite is the case.
  5. From my observations the propellant/explosives seem to play a big part in the flashfire chance. With Lyddite shells flash fires happen a lot more often than with more stable explosives. And right now the AI seems to be very fond of Lyddite.
  6. True, but at the same time you have a lot of forum posts of people asking stuff that is in the manual even when there is a manual. And you don't even have to go to another game for proof. UA:D already has a help section and yet questions that are answered in that still regularly pop up in the forum. To give just one example, under "Ship Design Basics" -> "Pitch and Roll" there is an explanation of what the consequences of weight offsets are.
  7. I'd like to have a grand strategy game where the naval part is handled by Ultimate Admirals: Dreadnoughts. Imagine something like a Total War or Hearts of Iron game, with Ultimate Admirals (be it Age of Sails or Dreadnough depending on time period) for ship design and battles.
  8. While it would be nice to have better documentation, many people will still go to the forum rather than read something. Though an in-game tutorial (preferably with voice acting) seems to be used by far more people. The "good old times" when people still read game-manuals is long gone apparently.
  9. But the loading screen does stay until you make a click already... I don't think Steeltrap was talking about loading screens.
  10. I hope they'll make some kind of tutorial before the main release.
  11. No offense, but using a bit of common sense wouldn't hurt either. That fore-weight offset might mean that you have too much weight at the front of your ship isn't exactly a scientific revelation. Or that you can get rid of said offset by moving stuff further to the back.
  12. I experimented a bit more around today. There's something strange with the weigh offset calculation. If you have the turrets equally far away (forward and backward) from the center of mass, it works. But if you place them at unequal distances from the center of mass, it's not the forward/backward offset that increases, but the side-offset. When I made the above screenshot I just happened to have them at almost the same distance from the center of mass by chance. So if you get 100% offset to one side, ironically you need to place the turret in question further front or aft to make it work - or place it's offset twin further front or aft.
  13. I didn't know that. I guess that means they should implement a third set. Coicidence, Stetoscopic and mixed. With the mixed having the buffs of both but weighing and costing considerbly more.
  14. My problem is that some missions can be very easy or outright impossible on account of RnG. For example there's the mission "Hurry Up" where you have to defend a convoy against a fleet with your battlecruiser and two random CLs. If you are unlucky you can have the enemy spawn right on top of your convoy and start blasting away at them from second 1 of the misison, making it literally impossible to win. Or the mission where you have to defend your Italian battleship against a Super Battleship, where it's entirely possible that if the AI rolls a good BB and you a bad one, your BB can get one-shot or downed in a few salvoes before you have a chance to even get into firing range with your cruiser or BC. That's not just poor balance, but poor game design. Thankfully such horribly mis-designed misisons are the exception rather than the norm, but they need to be adressed at some point.
  15. Yeah, git gud doesn't work for all missions. There are some where RnG can make it literally impossible to win, no matter how well designed your ship is and how well you command it and you'll have to re-roll the dice until it becomes possible. For example "Hurry Up" where you have to defend a convoy and if you're unlucky the enemy starts on top of your convoy and takes it apart before you can reach them with a 40+ kn ship. Or the one where you have to defend your Italian battleship with a cruiser and it's entirely possible your BB is one-shot by the enemy (unless they fixed the bug that any enemy shell that hits you in the first 30 seconds ignore armour).
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