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  1. The difference is that you can see a torpedo coming far enough away to allow you to evade it (maybe not always, but often enough), but by the time you see shells (that is the shells themselves, not the muzzle flashes) it's way too late to dodge anymore. Not to mention that torpedoes are most often sent out in a fan, more or less guaranteeing that some if not most will miss to make sure that at least some will hit, while with guns you aim all barrels at as exactly the point you expect the enemy ship to be at as you can. So comparing the hit-rate of guns and torpedoes on a per projecti
  2. The problem with that is that unlike most real crews, the AI is (at least in it's current form) not deterred in the least by merely being shot at or even by actually being hit, but only by taking damage past a certain point. I also wouldn't be surprised to learn that those hit probabilities came to be precisely because the small ships were scared away before coming into effective range and that in reality exceedingly few small ships ever dared to get as close as 2 km to a dreadnought in anything but the most desperate circumstances.
  3. As the title says, are secondary guns even worth having in the current version? I had a 1915s engagement and my 6" guns hit a light cruiser about 100 times to bring it to !! half !! structure, when it finally sank from the 26th flooding. When the second CL came too close to me, I aimed all my guns at it and where my 6" had about 35% chance to hit, my 12" had over 70% and took the CL apart with two salvoes. Right now I feel it's a far better investment to just remove all secondary guns and use the saved weight for more main-gun ammo and extra amrour...
  4. USS Monitor mission is pretty much impossible, because even with maximum turret armour, the main guns get destroyed every time.
  5. I'd be... well not exactly happy but still somewhat glad if the issue only occured when combinding different turrets of the same caliblre, but I have a similar issue rearing it's head even with unified turrets on occasion. Three turrets, but instead of all firing together, they each fire seperately and I never get a lock-on, until I forbid them from firing until all are loaded and hope that once I allow them to fire again, they'll do so together. Then there's also the issue of center-line and wing turrets counting as seperate even if they use the exact same turrets. And the actu
  6. Gameplay-wise? So that there is a reason to use something other than the most guns per turret. If tripples were better than twins in every way, why would anyone bother to ever use twins the moment the "better" turrets become available? And history-wise there are also some good reasons. Some tripple-turrets had horrible accuracy until they found out that the blast effects of the barrels where knocking each others shells away and they had to invent delay coils that made the middle barrel shoot a little later than the outer two to give just one example. More barrels means a heavier, mor
  7. Even with the bug it can still be done, but you must find the center of mass and have the wing turrets equal-distance from that, not just side-wise, but also length-wise, for the side-weigh-offset to go down to insignificant levels.
  8. Or alternatively being able to asign main and alternative target for each group... or at least for secondary guns. That way you could also asign one target on each side of the ship and have both port and starboard guns fire, if you are between enemies.
  9. Not quite. You can only set a single target manually and when you do all your guns of that type will only fire that this one target and nothing else. But with secondaries I've seen my ships occasionally shoot at two targets at the same time. This seems to happen only when you leave your secondaries to automatically target something and they happen to shoot something that is only in range of the bigger among your secondaries, then the shorter range secondaries sometimes shoot at a different target. But this only happens in terms of range, not angle and only if you do not manually as
  10. 20" guns don't necessarily have anything to do with modern. Plans for gigantic ships with these ridiculous guns were made in the inter-war period, but then never actually constructed due to the naval treaties stopping the naval arms race short. I think those guns are more meant for "what if the naval treaties had never been signed" scenarios than "what if the war continued past '45".
  11. With how big "destroyers" are now, they'd probably call a 50k tonnes ship a cruiser anyway. ^^
  12. Lexington BCs dying quickly is actually quite realistic. Even the Kongou, which were poorly enough protected that Hiei ended up being shot to pieces by cruisers - the very class BCs are supposed to hunt - had better protection than the Lexingtons were planned to have. And whether ships die to quickly is a matter of the ship and the dice roll. I recently had a battleship eat more than 200 18" shells and over a thousand secondary battery hits (mix of 8" and 5" ) before finally going down.
  13. The problem is that the AI didn't go so ram-happy before, but one of the patches caused them to want to hug you all the time.
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