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  1. Even with the bug it can still be done, but you must find the center of mass and have the wing turrets equal-distance from that, not just side-wise, but also length-wise, for the side-weigh-offset to go down to insignificant levels.
  2. Or alternatively being able to asign main and alternative target for each group... or at least for secondary guns. That way you could also asign one target on each side of the ship and have both port and starboard guns fire, if you are between enemies.
  3. Not quite. You can only set a single target manually and when you do all your guns of that type will only fire that this one target and nothing else. But with secondaries I've seen my ships occasionally shoot at two targets at the same time. This seems to happen only when you leave your secondaries to automatically target something and they happen to shoot something that is only in range of the bigger among your secondaries, then the shorter range secondaries sometimes shoot at a different target. But this only happens in terms of range, not angle and only if you do not manually as
  4. 20" guns don't necessarily have anything to do with modern. Plans for gigantic ships with these ridiculous guns were made in the inter-war period, but then never actually constructed due to the naval treaties stopping the naval arms race short. I think those guns are more meant for "what if the naval treaties had never been signed" scenarios than "what if the war continued past '45".
  5. With how big "destroyers" are now, they'd probably call a 50k tonnes ship a cruiser anyway. ^^
  6. Lexington BCs dying quickly is actually quite realistic. Even the Kongou, which were poorly enough protected that Hiei ended up being shot to pieces by cruisers - the very class BCs are supposed to hunt - had better protection than the Lexingtons were planned to have. And whether ships die to quickly is a matter of the ship and the dice roll. I recently had a battleship eat more than 200 18" shells and over a thousand secondary battery hits (mix of 8" and 5" ) before finally going down.
  7. The problem is that the AI didn't go so ram-happy before, but one of the patches caused them to want to hug you all the time.
  8. They do manouver. If I try to avoid a collision course, they will adjust their own course to keep on an intercept course that will lead them either to cut across by bow in front of their targeted ship, which is usually one in the middle of the formation if there are muliples, or go just a bit too slow and either end up crashing into my ship or my ship crashing into their sides, because it couldn't slow down enough to avoid a collision, while the oponent was passing right in front of their nose. It's less of a problem with the small ones since they can avoid collisions most of the time, bu
  9. Something I've noticed recently is that the enemy ships are overeager for knife-fights. The enemy pretty much always tries to go right between by ships, more often than not resulting in either them ramming me or my ships ramming them.
  10. Those also exist since two updates (not counting the hotfixes) ago IIRC. This screenshot is of a 1940s American "Moden Destroyer (Leader)" in custom battles, though due to the shape of the main tower you don't actually have enough room to place one of them in front of the tower, in a addition to the one integrated into the tower itself. Works fine aft though. Actually looking at the previously posted screenshot I think that is one of the same barbettes I just posted, but in front of a tower that by itself would have one integrated.
  11. I don't think this is necessary. The Scharnhorst class and her turrets were specifically designed this way... as was the Mogami for that matter. It's not like every turret that exchanged one gun barrel for scaling the remaining two up by two or three inches was like that.
  12. From the top of my head, the biggest japanese super-battleship (125k tonns I think) can mount two pairs of secondary barbettes if you crank the displacement up high enough. Any other hull I ever tried could only mount one pair or none at all, with the majority being unable to mount any. That's the side-mounted onces. The centerlike like "tall secondary barbette" are more widely available. With those it's more about attaching them to your superstructure without any main turrets being too close to block them off.
  13. I know that there is always some recoil, I just thought that OP meant something like the compressing barrels of certain artillary pieces and tank-mounted guns that are so popular in fiction, rather than the small movement you'd only notice if you zoomed in really close to the model. It's a misunderstanding that the posted video above already cleared up for me.
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