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  1. I would like them to be added as well would allow us to experience the beginnings of ironclad /iron armoured ships.
  2. another really detailed and great idea for the game! would love to see a feature like this implemented!
  3. i would like to thank the admins for returning the topic after a gruelling debate of wizards and fire hatred and conflict it was resolved by changing the server name to include UNOFFICIAL
  4. i completely agree this should be added as it will make the game more accurate and enjoyable for all!
  5. 100 Member £10 Giftcard Giveaway 7 days left to sign up by joining the server and reacting to the giveaway bot! https://discord.gg/vm6bA5U
  6. Again Advertisement For This Sever:https://discord.gg/apcH2bJ Currently 60 members!
  7. Just a question out of my own personal interest. have you planned for a multiplayer part of the game in anyway? and if not. Is there any possibility of such a feature in the future? - Lord Beatty
  8. Dude it is so that people can see that there is a discord as not everyone is gonna go through the forms much also what is your problem all your comments on this are negative and I don't see why there is a need for that. -Lord Beatty
  9. This Discord is a discord server for all players of UAD and will try to cater to you all if you join and have suggestions or wish for a feature in the discord please dm me. we currently have 105 members! https://discord.gg/g2AeHS3
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