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  1. We have an unofficial discord for this game here is the link: https://discord.gg/66T6Cdd
  2. Great Idea and has a lot of potential if added into the game. these features would be a great addition and would allow so much creativity promoting the community even more as it would allow more chats about interesting builds and ways of building ships!
  3. This is much better as now we have more information and you guys are taking the time to structure your team to make it more effective i am also glad that you communicated this to us quickly while keeping a professional touch on it. Glad to see progress is being made in the communication area!
  4. Now i know that the developers of this game are known for their ultimate general games etc but recently with the releases of such games as Naval Action which was completely abandoned by these devs and also the deteriorating status of Ultimate Admiral: age of sails as seen in the recent steam reviews their reputation is beginning on a track to possible ruin. now i am not saying they need to sort out the problems they have already created because to be fair to them they have already made this impossible but however in situations such as what has now occurred with Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts where they all of a sudden pull a massive delay to the release of the game on steam they need to ensure they communicate with the community in a correct fashion as soon as they even have the slightest thought that the game release may have to be delayed. these sorts of actions by this company make it seem untrustworthy and unreliable to bring out solid games. What The Devs Should Take From All This if the developers take anything from this please COMMUNICATE it is essential that a company communicates problems and delays that they are having AS SOON AS POSSIBLE otherwise it may look like they are hiding something or simply don't care. also just another thing just because you have a decent record for making games doesn't mean you can slack on game development (example of this being the halo series). Anyway sorry if i offend anyone i honestly just want the best for this game but for that to happen the devs need to do their job properly so that the community can thrive and so that we all can enjoy this game. i can understand those who chose to refund their game but when buying a game like this in its alpha you should only pay for it if you are happy with it in its current state.
  5. got to agree they were promised access by halfway through this year and I feel some kind of compensation or compromise should be met to ensure that promises are kept and to ensure the community as a whole feels like the developers are keeping their promises as a company.
  6. Just was wondering if the launcher would be able to stay even if its not updated for alpha players after the steam release as its quite nice and would be nice to keep especially since we payed extra for alpha access.
  7. if examples are needed of gun used by various nations that could be implemented into the game this has a good list of them: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_naval_guns_by_caliber Also for when submarines are added (likely already planned) but these would be nice to see along with similar systems: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Depth_charge https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hedgehog_(weapon) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squid_(weapon) but the basic idea is that it would be nice to have weapons made specific to each country rather than the exact same weapons used for every country.
  8. I would like them to be added as well would allow us to experience the beginnings of ironclad /iron armoured ships.
  9. another really detailed and great idea for the game! would love to see a feature like this implemented!
  10. i completely agree this should be added as it will make the game more accurate and enjoyable for all!
  11. Just a question out of my own personal interest. have you planned for a multiplayer part of the game in anyway? and if not. Is there any possibility of such a feature in the future? - Lord Beatty
  12. So Basically i had around 100 ships approx per side: 20 Battleships a side 15 Battlecruisers a side 13 Armoured/Heavy Cruisers 10 Light Cruisers 20 Destroyers However i found out that even if you get the too many threads error as long as you don't click OK on it the game will continue to run perfectly fine and the message will go into the background meaning that as long as you refrain from touching the OK you should just be able to keep playing. Also i would like to comment on how smooth this game runs it handled around 100 ships without crashing and for the task it was preforming remarkably high frame rate and smoothness. i was also running this on max settings so i am indeed quite impressed most games would struggle to handle such things without crashing. 10/10 from me for game performance!
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