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  1. "Parizhskaya Kommuna" hypothetical French-Russian battleship project. (as in french SB-II hull unlocked for the Russian empire) Hull type: French Superbattleship 2, year 1935 Displacement: 95.000 ton Top speed: 35 kts. Op. range: "Very long". Bulkheads amount: Maximum. Modules and placement: Superstructure: Main tower: Modern Tower Enhanced (Placed in the rearmost possible position on the hull) Secondary tower: Modern Secondary Tower 3 (Placed close to main tower as possible) Funnel: Angled Funnel Complex 4 Main armament: 3x3 16" Mark 3 turrets. (placed on the default p
  2. Unfortunately, the game still places small guns where they shouldn't be.
  3. Will there be an emergency reverse "gear" to slow down a bit faster, especially when it comes to the battleships?
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