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  1. I understand why from a game perspecitve they allow in-combat torpedo reloads. From a simulation standpoint I hate it and to see total reloads available drastically nerfed before release. Some of the NA missions right now are just stupid with amount of torpedo spam you have to bait out of the AI before you can close to effective gun range.
  2. I've seen a lot of discussion here about the current way that rudders hard over and speed are affecting accuracy angainst smaller ships disproportionately and how to (for game purposes) most accurately model the effect of evasive tactics without giving them too much combat weight. I want to provide Fighting Steel as an example of a game that I think elegantly handled this mechanic (to be fair I think actually Fighting Steel Project modded it in later after the developer abandoned it). There was an "evasive manuevers" checkbox for each ship. If you clicked it, although you could not see
  3. For the most part, the new soundtracks are nice but there is ONE - just ONE....ARRGH! I don't know which track it is (the name of the piece itself) but every time it plays I'm magically transported from the bridge of my flagship in the heat of a valiant sea battle back into 1990s Chicago. Suddenly I'm watching Dr. Richard Kimbal (Harrison Ford) running from the Chicago police and a team of Federal marshals led by Tommy Lee Jones while trying to find the one armed man who killed his wife and framed him for the murder. Yes indeed, the main theme from The Fugative is now in this game.
  4. Agree with the above post, adding a slider to control the width of the ship to some variable degree should allow a captain to make decisions about overcoming funding/tonnage restrictions or meeting technological minimums in armor or weaponry loadouts at the cost of seakeeping/increased roll (accuracy penalties + potential speed drops + maneuver penalties)
  5. I was attempting to use the ship designer to somewhat accurately model the IJN Fuso and or Ise class battleships in their original 1914-1917 configuration and ran into an issue. The designer set for 30,000 tons specifies a ~214 meter hull which should be ample room to construct the 6 x 2 x 14" gun setup of either class on the Dreadnought II base. It's the only hull that works in this time period and visually it appears perfectly suited to the task. However, in actuality, the base model Dreadnought II does not have a weather deck / casemate of sufficient length to hold the main armam
  6. Thanks. I am working on a project to put every refit version of every major warship with a keel laid from 1910 through 1945 into the game as a playable option. So for now I will just stick to the spreadsheets and keep gethering data.
  7. Just want to check - is there a way to save and reuse ships in custom battles? I'm not seeing it. I see a way to save designs for scenarios but I don't want to waste time doing historical based designs within each scenario yet if then I can't carry the builds over to custom battles.
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