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  1. Could you dev explain the combat mechanics of the game to me in detail. The high-weighted side has 20 minutes for the opposing side to come in and hit you, right?
  2. hi,,,,i mean i did not kill connection,,,,,it is a sudden event,,,,so we could not avoid that? and my ships all be killed by NPCs... it is a disaster for me,,,,,the connection probelm is not be planed..you know
  3. In this game, mozar ship not useful. One important point is that the Npc mozar ship could not fire automatically. it only use side guns not mozar .So how about fix it so this boat could be useful some times ?
  4. when I am in a battle,the internet disconnect ed,when I go back . all is over , my ships all sank into water. So devs ,could u make it possible for us when AFK or connection to server suddenly stop ,the battle will automatically quit to prevent this unnecessary loss? PS:that battle happened in SN harbour. My fleet 3 ships. ,2 lost 1 left. I don't know why.
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