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  1. Though I have to say it would be nice to build some of the early carriers, since the campaign is supposed to go from 1890 to 1930 there are still a few carriers that could be viable. I would love to build a Lexington class aircraft carrier or the USS Langley. All i see are two heavy cruisers with 8x8in guns that just so happen to also carry planes. Also one smaller flat boi.
  2. While I don't agree completely I cant think of any games that have pulled off WW1 naval aircraft. For the most part naval aviation started to gain traction in the interwar period. WW1 period seaplanes were primarily used for reconnaissance. The float planes of the time were structurally weak and slow, limiting their ability to be anything more than spotter planes. Only a few countries converted ships into sea plane tenders during WW1, most were made by Germany, Britain and France, though the US, Russia and Italy also built/converted a small number of ships as well. But some seaplanes were developed that could carry bombs or torpedoes. Im unsure of their effectiveness in WW1. Bottom picture is taken from the Italian seaplane tender Europa sometime from 1915 to 1920.
  3. The top picture is a Kriegsmarine Bussard class catapult seaplane tender. Germany actually made a good amount of seaplane tenders, most of which seem be more like Japanese one in that they are converted cargo ships. Though the USN by far constructed the most seaplane tenders, about as many as Britain, Germany, and France combined. WE wont even mention the number of carriers of all types built by just he USN. But its logical the USN had the whole Pacific and Atlantic Oceans to worry about and the best way to locate enemy ships/fleets is using spotter planes. Most of these ships could even service the larger Martin PBM-5 or PBY-5 Catalina float planes Pictures of the USS Pine Island Heavy seaplane tender
  4. If float planes were added that could also bring several new ships classes that could be built from BBVs to Sea plane tenders. For example a catapult float plane that belongs to a specific ship could be launched to aid accuracy, accurate range finding and spotting/ quicker ship identification. If a ship loses all of its spotter planes it out unless you have a seaplane tender which could overtime rearm said ship's planes depending on its own supply. You could also use the seaplane tender as a makeshift light/escort carrier for launching recon planes. This would be especially useful in poor weather conditions. All aspects of said planes should also have the ability to customize/design your planes and have a corresponding tech tree of sorts to increase or unlock certain bonuses to speed up aiming, identifying, top speed and so on. For campaigns you could build long range patrol planes like the Catalina float plane or the Japanese H6K flying boats. Though these craft are armed with defensive and sometimes offensive weapons such as machine guns and cannons. They could also carry a limited amount of bombs, torpedoes, or both. If they wanted to they could make them just spotter planes with no armament. You could also use land based torpedo bombers to harass and raid supply convoys similar to how submarines will work in campaigns. BUT, they should also give players some options on aircraft restrictions. Option 1 no restrictions, option 2 only recon/spotter planes or option 3 no aircraft whatsoever. Granted thats only IF the devs implemented aircraft in the first place.
  5. would be an interesting addition, cant say i wouldn't give it a try myself. Turrets like those could lead to some interesting ships with a chase turret layout like the Dunkerque. I would find more utility in smaller caliber quads found on some french battleships. Though if im not mistaken the french quads would fire in pairs of two rather than all four at the same time.
  6. I agree with this but having the option for a coop/ 2 player campaign would be interesting, similar to how Total War Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai did their 2 player campaigns. Or allow both players to fight on the same team and manage different squadrons.
  7. Having the ability to display measurements in both metric and imperial would be nice.
  8. The ability to mount turrets facing bow or aft like the HMS Agincourt or Brooklyn class. More freedom on the placement of barbettes and the medium on in particular. Using the Yamato as an example it would be nice to have 2 forward facing superfiring guns and a taller medium barbette behind them for a turreted secondary.
  9. Some structures in the ship designer could use some attention, there are many cases where you can use certain primary, secondary towers and smoke stacks because they collide despite there being plenty of open air between them. There are also some structures that should connect with each other fine that simply wont because they supposedly collide. There are also some gun positions that don't work with any caliber for the same reason.
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