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  1. @Nick Thomas : Do you know that you have a gold bank in hands with your UCWG engine ? In addition of DLC for UCWG and new opus (American Revolution, Napoléonic battles, etc) you should just consider to adapt it also for strategic/Operational level for East Front 1941-1945 : Units would not be Brigades/Divisions/corps but Divisions/Corps/Army/Army group and would evolute (move and/or attack) on the map by drag/drop arrows made with mouse like in UCWG. Supply wagons will become supply trains, etc ; your arty would become heavy arty and air support, etc. Then, with the same adapted engine, y
  2. And a DLC with map editor would also be very nice
  3. After playing more battles and campaings : First impressions are 1000 % confirmed : It's probably one of the best wargame never made. I will buy all future opus, for all historical times : Civil war, American Revolution, Napoleonic battles, etc The only bad point is that developpers work too slow : we want to be able to buy IMMEDIATLY more DLC, map editor, 1870 war, etc This game has the fabulous potential top become a new Age of Rifles Message to developpers : Please, divorce your wife, abandon your children to public assistance to have more and more time . And with this
  4. I will ask the tribunal to order it to reimburse me for all my other games. Since I have Ultimate General Civil War, I no longer want to use them... 😛
  5. Would have been better to give players the choice to play "on/off" with these dark night effects... They ruin all the pleasure of the game for this battle and others in dark : not very enjoying to play on a black screen to simulate night... And same for dark effects of Lines of sight : would have been better to ggive the same choice, or to implement a possibility to choice the intensity of the dark Where is the pleasure to play with that sort of screens ? It has no raisonnable sense, should habe better to give choice to player. This kind of detail may ruin a good game : I
  6. I founded here a downloadable manuel for Ultimate General Civil War (Adobe Pdf format) May be interessant to have it, to read doc without lunch the game This doc seems perhaps more complete than the "in game" guide https://cdn.akamai.steamstatic.com/steam/apps/502520/manuals/UGCW_Guide_v1.25.pdf?t=1606630974
  7. Thanks for infos. Concerning fusion button : Ok, the process is that if I am not wrong : 1- Select one unit 2- Presse the fusion button 3-Then, the first unit will combine with another in same division But the pb is : how is made the choice of this another unit ? By the player (and if yes : how ?) or automatically by the unit (i.e, the unit choices the nearest other unit ?)
  8. I re-post here a post that I had posted by error in the Ultimate Gettysburg forum) Fabulous game ! One of the best wargame I never played. My wish list : - One or two "to buy extension" (add on) with acomplete map/scenario editor + new maps, scénarios, campaigns - A command interface to allow players to set "on/off" the dark areas caused by LOS (lines of sight) - Same command to set "on-off" the dark effect of night battles (for same reason : old wargamers have old eyes...^^) - And please, new opus of the game : Please, do same politic like Slitherine F
  9. In the past, with our old good and most favorite games (Age of Rifles, Steel Panthers, Lords of the Realm II, Civil war general, etc), developpers created one or two "campaign disk" to be bought by players, with additionnal scénarios, maps, campaigns, etc, and in some case a scenario/map editor. It was I think a very good thing, all "partners" had advantages in that : developpers get money without have to developp a new game, and players had a lot of maps, scenarios, campaigns etc to play more. This game is so excellent that I would be able to pay one ot two (or more) "campaign disk"
  10. Could somebody explain what does mean the red effects for some units slots in game ? I searched in the guide but founded nothing (I have to say that the guide is a little bit "minimal", a complete manuel would be great) Also, other question : The guide does not explain how exactly we have to process to do a fusion between 2 units (and the conditions for) There is a fusion button, ok. But what is the exact process : must we select 2 units before and then press this button ? Or must we select first a unit, then presse the button and then select another unit ? I notic
  11. The more I play the game, the more I like it. But I would do a suggestion about custom battles : At the present time, when we choice to play a custom battle with option "Build your army", we have first to choice the map, and after that, we have to build the army. When we save, we save all : the map and the army. But in consequence, this army may not be used in another custom battle with other map... So, for each custom battle, you have to restart the build of a new army. It would be great if we would have the possibility to save a builded army in independant way, to be able to use it in anoth
  12. Seems that I had posted in the wrong forum, sorry (my wish list concern Ultimate General civil war and not Ultimate Gettysburg) I have the both games, and Ultimate Gettysburg is excellent game, but the fact that Ultimate civil war covers the entire civil war is also a important point Could moderator displace this post and replace it in the correct forum ? Thanks in advance In addition, for those who are interrested, here is a little process to increase the strategic interest of the game : Download this little program https://www.pcastuces.com/logitheque/free_
  13. Fabulous game ! One of the best wargame I never played. I have not bought it before because I had no credit card, now I have and my card is ready for other new opus of Ultimate 🥰 My wish list : - A "to buy extension" (add on) with acomplete map/scenario editor - A command interface to allow players to set "on/off" the dark areas caused by LOS (lines of sight) - Same command to set "on-off" the dark effect of night battles (for same reason : old wargamers have old eyes...^^) - And please, new opus of the game : Please, do same politic like Slitherine Field of Glory, give u
  14. I just discover this game : fantastic, probably a futur great hit. Can't wait to play with ! As I see in the video, I think it will be a game for "no sleeping night" : one turn, one turn, one turn again, and so during the entire night. Have a date for the final release ? Very impatient to play this.
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