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  1. Thank you all for your answers ! Great, it works! My last one was saved following the last bet, however all creations before this creation could not be saved! It's clearer now ! ;-)
  2. Good evening Stormnet! What I want to know if we can now save our ship creations in the game's Custom Battle mode! If so, how do you do that! 😉
  3. Please, can we finally save our ship creations! 😉
  4. Please, can we finally save our ship creations!😉
  5. Totally agree with you ! A semi-historical game will allow more variety and more freedom of creation! This would make it possible to see how each nation would have been able to evolve at the level of their navy if the war had taken a new turn or lasted longer! 😉
  6. For now the game focuses on the period from 1890 to 1940! I please propose to extend it at least until 1945 see 1949! What do you think ! All opinions are welcome, thank you in advance! 😉
  7. Sorry, for the letter size because I'm using google translate (I'm French)! 😉
  8. The next Chinese aircraft carrier Type 003 (the 3rd) will be released this year and will measure over 330m with a tonnage of over 85,000 t !!! 😉
  9. Hello Cpt.Hissy! Towards the end of the war in the Pacific the Americans had planned to release the new Montana which was to be 5 super battleships with four turrets of three 406mm guns! Longer than the Yamato 260m against 280.57m and also more tonnage than the Japanese battleship: 65030 t against 66,040 t for the USS MONTANA and that with the same belt armor for both ships! You should also know that there are longer ships with more tonnage, eg Symphony of the Seas with 361m and a tonnage of 228,080 t !!! It's all about mass balance! 😉
  10. Good morning all ! Thank you for your interest in my barbette topic! As on the cruiser Atlanta or an improbable fusion of the legendary Yamato and his twin Musashi (which I made in MOC Cobi and called KURAKEN (Kraken)! See photo below:
  11. Good morning all ! Being able to put a barbette in a circular location of the main tower would allow to align 3 batteries of cannons at 3 different levels (heights) and therefore give the possibility of a direct fire of the 3 batteries towards the bow of the ship without hindrance!😉 PS: What would also be great, would be to have barbettes of different heights to avoid having 2 batteries of cannons that get in the way!
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