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  1. In addendum. Please allow for split machinery such as on the Fuso class
  2. To more accurately represent battle line formations I propose the following: Accuracy penalty when under fire. This represents increased stress under combat conditions. This incentivises the targeting of every ship in a battle line. The targeting of every ship in a line is historical. Ships in a battle line will target the closest un-engaged ship first. Perhaps there could be the potential that the wrong ship is targeted based upon captains skill and luck. The above have precedent in the battle of Jutland.
  3. I would support having the Tegetthoff class' hull form as an early or mid dreadnought hullform. It has a sleek look to it with plenty of deck space.
  4. I recommend adding the ability to deploy ships boats to tow a ship. This can be useful if a ship is de-masted, beached in a bad position, or attempting to sail against the wind.
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