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  1. the idea is to encourage nations to fight over the resource
  2. He is just sad because despite many people warning him, he let his clan get too big. And now it's sucking the fun out even for him
  3. These will also drop in sealed bottle loot as well, also, try trading, your nation will likely have one of these resources and if you get it you may be able to do a straight swap.
  4. At the end of the day, players have to learn to defend themselves, just like doing only PvE will not prepare them for PvP. Relying on vets to keep saving you is only going to hurt you in the long run.
  5. nope, it could make the already large clans even more powerful with the ability to pool ships
  6. This NEEDS to be done right, it can really screw a lot of people over, especially solo hunters. Do you also have plans to update the storm mechanics. Yesterday there was a storm at almost every free port at the same time. It meant sitting in port for 45 minutes waiting for it to pass to be able to hunt. Not fun
  7. Excellent suggestion, hold should be locked just like in boarding or surrender
  8. Did you consider only having one person engage him? I know he is a little sissy that only likes to go after traders but he may have AT least tried his luck with only one of you.
  9. ORRRRRRRR, we could just attach our declaration of war to a cannon ball?
  10. I think he means on some ships you can use free cam to find the magazine, it used to be a cannon model inside the ship. I dont know if that changed at all though
  11. Getting off topic here somewhat, the question relates to the actual in-game mechanic
  12. Could someone (knowledgable, not just guessing) please explain exactly how the magazine module mechanic works please? @admin @Ink Perhaps you could give us a definitive answer?
  13. Yes, so your ship can rock around more as you run from any battle where you do not grossly outnumber the enemy
  14. That's why I am bitching so much, I DO want to do RvR but at the moment, but you are right, we have gone off topic somewhat
  15. It's a simple matter of numbers. We can barely put a full 25 person port battle fleet together, you on the other hand can have a full 25 person fleet PLUS 50 players to screen outside. If our fleet can not even get close enough to the port to enter the battle without being screened out, there is no point us even flipping the port, hence RvR being dead. Hell we can't even flip a nation of similar size to ourselves because you guys show up to that. You may be happy with this situation but many are not and the GAME will suffer as a result
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