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  1. Just out of curiosity, what was the problem?
  2. It seems the update broke the prepared perk? Lots of people complaining about in it game
  3. No one HAS to grind AI to level rank, PvP gives more XP than PvE! And you get better as PvP at the same time. WIN WIN!
  4. VCO and WO both have the two biggest/most active "night time" fleets and BOTH complain there is no one for them to attack at those hours. But instead of attacking each other and having some decent battles, they choose to work together to multi flip nations that they assume cannot fill the port battles. I mean they're already targeting what they see to be easy battles yet still feel the need to multi-flip. I agree with what you say about giving the US chance to put up a defence but that is not what these guys want
  5. Stinks very much of "I really want to keep the advantage I have now over new players" It's already going to be: Spend two hours doing the exams for rank and repairs, then instantly redeem and jump into Ratts and then start flipping ports. The first few weeks of RvR are going to be decided by which nation spent the most on DLC. Don't make it even more one sided in favour of the nation with most DLC ships. Embrace that "new game" feeling. In fact, think of it as "New Game+) Side note - The people that are complaining the most are the ones who have to do it all again for their many alts
  6. His Russian account is xXx,(not exactly a secret) so I assume he is on that account in the video.
  7. H982 FKL

    DLC "Ports"

    Personally I think we should have all freeports as default outposts anyway
  8. H982 FKL

    DLC "Ports"

    I think he means outposts? (which should be part of the admiralty connections DLC really)
  9. It means the cargo to deliver must be in the warehouse or on your active ship
  10. Just going to add this here from another topic
  11. Yeah I can see it too I mean, imagine being KoC's distraction. That is low
  12. So the tip for the final exam is to exploit a bug that no longer exists?
  13. There wouldn't much much point in having a choice, like ship builds, there would only be one sensible location
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