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  1. Hi contact! We're obviously in agreement as to the quality of this game. I'm bloody-mindedly committed to finishing my first campaign. I've been watching playthroughs and such. I can see now that I will make different decisions in future with a longer term strategy. And that's just another thing I love about this game - I'm already planning my next campaign. Replayability!!! I'm looking forward to upping the difficulty and seeing if I've actually learned anything. Good luck with your MG campign Cheers, gonzo99
  2. So, I experienced UG:G on my iPad, bought it on the Mac App Store. Loved it. Lurked on this forum and on the Steam forum. Knew about UG:CW and got it for my Mac in July 2017 as far as I can tell from Steam profile info. Might have even been playing it on Steam running on wine, initially. Can't remember. Started a BG Union play through but just didn't have the time to commit as life did its thing. Then had to migrate to a new computer. Lost my saves. Recently I've had some spare time, so I started again on Colonel level as Union with UI & AI 1.6 mod. (Re)Learning the ropes. Last night I fought Fredericksburg for the first time. O ... M ... F ... G!!!!! I got hammered, but I won. I only managed a kill:death ratio of 2:1 against the CSA. I was a little incautious, shall we say? But the scale of the thing was incredible!!! I could replay for a better result, but I'm not going to. On Colonel level I have plenty money and etc. I'll pay the price with cash. But it was an incredible experience. Can't wait to experience the rest of the game. I'll be going straight back in after I've finished this post. I'm a previous user of Darth Mods in RTW and M2TW. This game (and UG:G) are everything I could have hoped for from such a pedigree. Thank you Nick, and all at game labs for creating this and also pandakraut for the UI & AI mod. Cheers, gonzo99 [EDIT] I forgot to add that this beats TW for battle AI by a long shot IMVHO [/EDIT]
  3. This could be the game that no-one realised they were waiting for!!! I'll be keeping an eye on this. The concept is awesome and if it's developed responsibly (ie, with First Nations consultation) then I reckon you have a real winner Very exciting!!!!!!!!!
  4. Download the mod you want, unzip it and copy resources.assets and Managed and Mod folders. Navigate to: /Users/[your username]/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Ultimate General Civil War/ Right-click on /Ultimate General Civil War.app and choose "Show Package Contents", then navigate to: /Contents/Resources/Data Paste the 3 items. When asked "Merge" the Managed folder and "Replace" resources.assets You're good to go!!!! Cheers, gonzo99 EDIT: This used to work. With 1.6 the game wouldn't load until I followed some instructions from pandakraut which are now posted in the first post of the UI & AI Cusomizations Mod thread
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