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  1. I know this is an old thread, but I tried something different the other day on CSA Potomac legendary and got interesting results, and thought I'd add it here. In the first half of the battle I didn't cross the river but lined up in a defensive position in the woods on the starting bank. I used the cav to goad the AI infantry and skirm south to the river, and because the AI is aggressive it went for my trap. When the reinforcements arrived I sent them flanking left and right and wiped out the union troops completely for fewer losses than the usual push across the river approach. I haven't seen anyone play this strategy on youtube.
  2. Thanks Adishee didn't know about god mode will give it a try.
  3. Hi Adshee, I'm giving the mod another try this morning and it's come on a lot since I first tried it. It's looking very good 👌. However there is still something wrong with Potomac Fort on a CSA game. I've started a new game 3 times and each time have over run the fort, captured or killed the union infantry and skirmishers, and have the artillery routing and surrounded between the sea and the fort, and just as I am about to kill or capture them either one or both magically disappear, and I can't win the battle.
  4. Is it configurable in any way? By distance perhaps? The idea makes sense, but in real life troops without a general nearby would still understand 'something' was in front of them even if they didn't know exactly what it was or could see the big picture.
  5. First impressions spotting is really harsh, my troops can't see the cannon on the walls of the Potomac fort even when they have stormed the fort walls and are in the fort!
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