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  1. Worst thing about the Le Req and Hercules is making an endless free supply of them once the DLC is purchased. There is just no risk at all for the player using them. So raiding in protected zones becomes a win win with no possibilty of adverse consequences for the raider. This totally changes the dynamics of the game, and coupled with the recent almost total nerfing of reinforcements means the balance has swung way too far in favour of capital-campers and gankers.
  2. This seems related to the issue whereby some people (me and Seanjo for example) can only view addition page numbers in a topic by Right Clicking on required page number and "open in new tab" (Firefox)
  3. Is it just me? I can only view the 1st page of a topic on the forums, "GO TO Page" does not do anything, neither does clicking on any page number or "Last page", whatever I do, all I can view is page one. This occurs with both Firefox and Chrome browsers. Another point, although I repeatedly "Allow Notifications" I never get any whenever I get a reply to anything.
  4. While in AI battle off Belize, I was traitorously and persistently attacked by Players (BF)BESHENNY and (BF)Ort Chauvet. In spite of being politely requested to desist, they continued this attack. I was unwilling to return fire as it is my understanding that (intentional) GREEN ON GREEN attacks are expressly prohibited in NA, consequently my vessel received severe damage. Accordingly I request that the miscreants face the full force of the law. See attached screenshots.
  5. I would like to know the dev's reasoning behind the game "feature" which allows players to TAG AI's purely to force combat with players within reinforcement zones, thus denying their victims the ability to call reinforcements. I was pursued by a Pirate yesterday betweeen Morant and kpr, he was MILES too leeward, the wind was fair for kpr and in any form of reality, he had NO CHANCE of catching my trader. Then hey presto I am in combat because he tagged an AI which I had overlooked. Pointless waste of time trying to fight or run so CTRL/Alt/ Del/ end task in sheer annoyance, and let the cheat
  6. First person view from ship's deck, with the ability to walk around the deck. Flying along in midair behind one's vessel is not very realistic. This would be similar to the aiming view in battle mode but with a bit more freedom of movement.
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