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  1. I think for me it's about Fredericksburg where I stop having fun as Union. The amount of micro required to push through the woods and/or up the hill with so many units just sucks all the fun out for me.
  2. What usually happens to me is that I get so far into the game that I'm managing several 2-3 full corps and it just pulls all the fun out of it for me. I end up hating managing battles with that many units, and also hating all the time spent in the camp trying to make things "perfect". I don't think I've ever actually ended up completing a campaign on any difficulty, despite several hundred hours in the game.
  3. Ok thanks. I haven't played in quite a long time but I'm really enjoying your video series using the mod and explaining it and how you play. I wish you were going past shiloh I know it's a time sink though so I understand.
  4. Can you post the conversions from default weapon names to names in the mod? It's not always obvious to me.
  5. On lower difficulties than legendary I really like the horse artillery perk for the first level of an artillery brigade. It allows you to move arty around at will for end-of-battle routing. If you're looking to keep arty in canister range, it's a major help. Also I'm sometimes impatient so it helps with that too Not to be pushy, but I've kind of put my playing of the mod on hold until weapon damage spreadsheets are available. My OCD requires me to evaluate each weapon so I can decide on a progression for different units/XP builds. Take your time, but just so you know; I'm really looking forward to seeing the damage curves of the modded weapons!
  6. So to estimate the damage of the gun at a specific range, we take the base damage calculation formula, and multiply by the DegradeMultiplier? Do you plan to modify these curves in the mod? Or can you make it easier somewhere to see the curves for the modded-renamed weapons?
  7. Side question only somewhat mod related; do you know how to estimate the canister damage of an arty piece with just the stats available for each cannon? I keep a spreadsheet where I estimate how good each weapon is via a weighted average, and the 24 PDR Howitzer is always underestimated, which leads me to believe I'm missing something (probably related to the size/weight of the ammo).
  8. That was kind of my thought too. It's extra micro, but it does add interesting gameplay (outfitting them differently in camp, making sure they're positioned well as reserves, etc.) From my understanding, effectively all you can do in the mod currently is change constants (at least as it relates to things like accuracy)?
  9. I'm by no means an accomplished player, but one thing I'd like to do is decide on a set of 'builds' for different units, so that I can put a marker in the unit names and get a better instant sense of what a unit is best at. One thing I'm wondering; do you guys think it's better to stack one type of bonus (all accuracy, all melee, all speed, etc), or mix up bonuses? One thing I'm wondering I guess is if there's some type of diminishing return to stacking accuracy? Stacking all movement/maneuvering seems not very valuable, but having at least one movement-related skill seems valuable. For artillery, a couple of builds stand out to me as mostly obvious: Attacking arty (for chasing down and routing the field): horse artillery, mid range focus, rapid fire specialist The idea here is you're moving the arty up alot with the infantry, helping to more quickly rout fleeing units, or trapping them into a corner of the map and destroying them. Defensive Arty (close range) A little less obvious, many skills could work Short Range focus, mid range focus, rapid fire specialist Sniper Arty (anti-arty) For destroying enemy arty long range focus, extreme range focus, bombardment specialist Would love to hear some thoughts on 2-3 infantry builds that people have in mind. They're a little less obvious to me. It seems to me like it's generally better to have infantry be 'pretty good' at everything, otherwise the micro needed might get in the way of fun for me.
  10. Just played a historical battle with the mod, Antietam as Union. Can confirm current version doesn't allow achievements to be unlocked, though as posted before, that's expected. The battle was a blast. We were even on casualties at ~22,000, but because of the superior Union numbers, I won easily. Being able to have time to maneuver on the battlefield, change strategies where necessary, etc. is so huge for me. With the time constraints of the base game it can be very unforgiving, making it feel like you have to adopt the perfect strategy right away, or you'll never have time to win the battle. I really hope achievements can be unlocked while using the mod, because this is really how I'd like to play the game, but I also have a long list of games to get through and I like to finish achievements where possible.
  11. Works now! Nice. The instructions then become: 1) In Steam, right click UGCW and select Properties. 2) Click local files, then select browse local files 3) right click 'Ultimate General Civil War' and select 'show package contents' 4) navigate (relative path) to /Contents/ a) Place the 'Mod' folder in Contents/ 5) navigate (relative path) to /Contents/Resources/Data/ a) Copy the resources.assets file into /Data/ b) Copy the /Managed/Assembly-CSharp.dll file from the mod release into the /Managed/ folder, overwriting the existing file
  12. Ok, the dataPath directory in the log file is the /Contents folder, which is where I have been placing the Mod folder. So there must be something else going on.
  13. Unfortunately, no, when I put the Mod folder inside the /Contents/ folder it doesn't work. I have no real Unity knowledge so I've just been dropping the Mod folder in random places, and unfortunately not seeing any that work.
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